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Why athletes have an increased interest in gambling: the main reasons

In the history of world sports, there have been many instanceswhere famous athletes have spent all their free time gambling. Legendary players visited not only offline gamblingestablishments, but also various online casinos, including sitesnot covered by Gamstop. Psychologists, after conducting an in-depth analysis, identified the main reasons why athletes in theUK and elsewhere are addicted to gambling. There are severalpush factors identified.

The desire to relive a stressful situation

Athletes are often stressed and even depressed. Reasons for thisare:

poor performance;
negative feedback from fans and experts;
long-term injuries.

To cope with stressful situations, many players visit gamblingclubs. By playing roulette, card disciplines and other gamblingactivities, athletes relieve stress and mentally removethemselves from their real problems.

So, for example, did the legendary Michael Jordan, who in1992, participating in the Olympics, at night got rid of stress inthe casino, competing in poker tournaments. Psychologists alsobelieve such behaviour is often caused by athletes gambling toget even for their problems in real life.

Extra income

Most of the sportsmen’s careers end early, in their 30s and 40s. Left behind, many simply don’t know what to do or how tomake a living. So retired sports stars are often seen in casinosand betting shops. By betting, they hope to increase theirincome.

It is not uncommon for athletes to spend time at online casinossuch as Triumph Casino. Here they have the opportunity to earncapital from gambling without revealing their identity.

A lot of extra money

Not all athletes are in financial need. Most of them earn multi-million pound salaries in sterling, euros and dollars. This levelof income allows players to throw their money around. Sportsstars like to spend their time in the best gambling houses in theworld where they spend large sums of money. This is how they quench  their passion for gambling and show off theirrespectable position. Casino with best payout can be hard to find. 

One need not go far to look for examples. According to mediareports, famous golfer Tiger Woods regularly spends $20,000 to$25,000 on blackjack and poker. Another legendary golfer JohnDaly and even managed to lose all the time he visited an offlinecasino about $ 50 million.

Competitive momentum

Another reason that regularly brings sports stars to gamblingvenues is the constant search for a thrill. Athletes are inherentlygamblers who are used to winning anything and everything. When they have downtime due to temporary holidays orinjuries, they begin to feel hungry for more victories.

In an attempt to quench this feeling and relive the adrenalinerush, athletes come to gambling clubs in the UK and elsewhere, where they find worthy opponents. In this way, players keeptheir competitive spirit alive. They get a chance to demonstrate a high level of skill and experience the satisfaction of defeating anopponent, just like in real life. A prime example is Britishfootballer Wayne Rooney, who combined his success on thepitch for Manchester United with his winnings at casinos andbookmakers.

A powerful gambling addiction

By betting in gambling clubs, many sports stars become heavilyaddicted to gambling. As a result, they develop a gamblingaddiction where they cannot live without gamblingentertainment.

For the sportsman, this creates many problems. The gamblerbegins:

Miss training and important gamesthis time the athletespends in offline or online casinos;
becoming irritable with teammates and the media;
Spending money earned from sport on gambling;
getting into large debts.

Athletes who have taken a well-deserved rest are most oftensubjected to gambling addiction. They cannot accept the factthat sports have left their lives and therefore feel a strong needto compete. This is what gambling can give them.

Enjoying strategies and schemes

Athletes are generally mathematical thinkers. They calculatetheir moves several steps ahead and always try to think like theirrival. This applies to all sports, especially football, chess, boxing, golf and tennis.

It is therefore not uncommon for players to display these skillsin gambling games as well, most notably poker and blackjack. These card disciplines require you to think mathematically, calculating your own and othersmoves ahead of time. Playersneed to devise their own strategies and tactics during the gamein order to win. Many players derive great satisfaction from this. Illustrative examples are footballers Cristiano Ronaldo andNeymar, who often take part in poker championships.

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