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Can Mendy, Christensen, Mount, And Lukaku Be The Spine Of The New Chelsea?

It’s safe to say that Premier League is very popular in Ireland. This is pretty clear when you look at some of the local bookies like, for example, and realize that this league is one of the main competitions. The reason why Premier League is so popular in this country is the number of Irish players who have written the history of this league in the past.


Today, however, we’re not going to talk about Irish players. Today, we are going to talk about the new spine of Chelsea Football Club. Back in the day, the spine consisted of Petr Chech, John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Didier Drogba. Today, we can see similar players who might be able to be the spine for the new Chelsea. Let’s see whether or not Edouard Mendy, Andres Christensen, Mason Mount, and Romelu Lukaku have what it takes for this.

Edouard Mendy

After a few adventures with goalkeepers, Chelsea finally has Mr. Reliable at the goal. His name is, of course, Edouard Mendy and he’s proving to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world today. This season, Mendy started all 11 games for Chelsea in the Premier League and managed to keep 7 clean sheets. If someone deserves to be compared to Petr Chech, it’s this fella.

Andreas Christensen

You might be asking yourselves – why didn’t we put Rudiger on this list? Well, Rudiger’s future in the club is not certain, even though he is one of the most important players for the team. Andreas Christensen, however, will likely stay one of the pillars of Chelsea’s defense in years to come. This season, Christensen has played 8 games in the Premier League and kept 5 clean sheets. However, his playing style and the ability to position himself perfectly remind us of the one and only John Terry.

Mason Mount

Chelsea’s golden boy. Mason Mount is the product of the Chelsea academy and it represents everything good about Chelsea’s school. Frank Lampard believed in him and it proved to be the right thing to do. This season, Mason played 9 matches, scored 3 goals, and had 2 assists. However, his performance on the pitch is much more than what you can see in the stats. His vision resembles the one Frank Lampard had when he played for the club.

Romelu Lukaku

Chelsea finally managed to lock down a true striker this past summer. Lukaku played his career best last season for Inter Milan and he decided to come home and prove that he can be the new Didier Drogba. He started the season in a wonderful way, by scoring one against Arsenal and two against Aston Villa, but then came the dry spell and the injury. However, he can definitely be the striker Chelsea needs to win the Premier League.


What were once Chech, Terry, Lampard, and Drogba are now Mendy, Christensen, Mount, and Lukaku. Can they win the league like their predecessors? Based on the 11 games this season, they just might.

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