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Casino Gambling and Sports Betting: Which is Better?

Are you torn between sports betting and casino gambling and not sure which one you want to spend your money on? Are you looking to try your hand at a bit of gambling but aren’t sure if you should try out casino gambling or give sports betting a shot?

Whether its casino gambling or sports betting, the gambling industry in general has grown massively as a whole, but each industry individually has also grown immensely. Some have many bonuses, while online casinos like Casino Secret have automatic cashback so there is massive variety. Although both are forms of gambling, casino gambling and sports betting are actually quite different from each other and you get a vastly different experience from each. Sports gamblers want to place their bets on a team or player and hope for a win, while casino gamblers prefer to play the odds with various dice, card, roulette wheel, slot machine, or other game combinations.

The biggest difference between them is that you can’t legally bet on sports at an online casino. If you are new to gambling, then you might not know which form of gambling is best for you, so here are a few things to consider. 

Long-term odds of winning

When it comes to odds of winning, it’s all up in the air a bit because most of the time gambling is based purely on luck and chance, especially when it comes to casino gambling. Casino gambling odds change from game to game and from casino to casino so it can be difficult to decipher which games will have better odds of winning than others. It’s common knowledge that when it comes to casino gambling, your best odds of winning will be at the table games as these games actually require skill and strategy, whereas games such as slots are completely based on luck and chance.

On the other hand, when it comes to sports betting, you might actually have a better chance of winning here because you can make informed bets and decisions based on previous games or rounds and the history of the game, just by doing a bit of research. 

Betting options

Online casino gambling is revolutionary, not only because they are online, but because they offer so many more game options than a regular casino. Here you will find all of the regular games you will find at a casino such as slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, and craps, and then even more on top of that such as gamified version of these games or different themes for each game. 

When it comes to sports betting especially in Betastic , the opportunities are endless. There are so many different sports that one can bet on such as horse racing, dog racing, football, baseball, and more. There are more sports to bet on than games to play at an online casino which means there is a bit more variety. 

level of entertainment

if you are looking for some entertainment, both are a good option, however, they offer different kinds of entertainment. When it comes to casino gambling, other times this is just mindless fin if you are playing luck-based games. It offers fast paced entertainment which payoff quickly. Whereas, when it comes to sports betting, you have to put time and effort in to choosing the right game to bet on and the right player, team or horse to bet on, and this process is a lot slower and a bit more meaningful. When sports betting you need to do a bit of research which means the entertainment lasts much longer for one bet. 

Level of strategy

Although some casino games depend on strategy, a lot of them can be played without nay skill or strategy and you will still get the same level of entertainment. When it comes to sports betting, the basis of the games its strategy and you need to go into the bet with a well thought out plan if you are wanting to win. There is a lot of research involved in sports betting but once you understand the game, it is much easier. 


While sports betting may look more expensive at face value because the price of one bet it a lot higher than gambling at a regular casino, this is actually not the case. In fact, casino gambling actually comes out to be quite a bit more expensive that sports betting because of just how fast paced it actually is and how many games you can bet on in a short space of time. Sports betting comes out to be cheaper because on bet takes quite a long time to carry out from start to finish.

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