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Ireland fans set to support Scotland at Euro 2021

Irish fans will now have to put their hopes and dreams into another nation if they’re to get their football fix this summer, as The Boys in Green failed to qualify for EURO 2020, unlike the previous two European Championships.

  • UK football fans were asked how far they think their chosen country will progress in Euro 2020, and which nation they consider their ‘second team’.
  • 17% of Irish fans will be supporting Scotland at the upcoming European Championships.
  • 7% of Irish fans refuse to support any other nation at EURO 2020, despite Ireland not qualifying.

Ireland fans have had their say on which nations they’ll be supporting at EURO 2020, and despite their heated rivalry on-and-off the football pitch, research from 888 Sport has revealed that 17% of Irish fans will be backing the Scots at the upcoming tournament.

Additionally, 10% of Irish fans will be rooting for Wales at the tournament, with a surprising 7% of fans admitting they’ll be backing fierce rivals England.

Irish fans have also shown an unusual allegiance towards the Portuguese National Team, as 14% of supporters have claimed to be backing the reigning champions going into the tournament.

Predictably some fans shot down the prospect of supporting another nation, as 7% of the Jack’s Army stated that is no way they could bring themselves to support any other nation, despite Ireland not qualifying.

The survey was completed on behalf of 888 Sport as part of the Euro 2020 campaign.

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