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Next Season’s Premier League Will Be The Best Ever: Here’s Why

Has there ever been a boring Premier League season?

Some are better than others, it’s true, but in general, the quality of the football, storylines, and subplots are extremely high. It seems that there’s always a battle for the Premier League title and the top four positions, as well as a fight for survival at the bottom of the table. This year, with Manchester City and Arsenal both gunning for the title and the final Champions League positions still up for grabs, is no exception. And if you thought this season was good, just wait until next year. Arsenal will be better than they have been this year. Manchester United will continue their development. And Liverpool will roar back so convincingly that it could well be worth using a betting offer from oddschecker to back them to pull off an unlikely title victory. Yes, it’s shaping up to be a good one. Below, we’ll run through each club and analyse why they’ll be flirting with the top of the table next season.

Arsenal Will Be Better

Arsenal have done exceptionally well to go head-to-head with Manchester City this year. And it’s still not over — while Manchester City have the title in their hands, there’s still a chance that Arsenal walk away as winners. This is the Premier League, after all.

But it’ll be no great shame if they don’t. In truth, Arsenal are probably punching a little above their weight at the moment. No one expected them to be challenging for the title at this stage of their development under Mikel Arteta. But next year? If they can bring in one or two signings and find an extra inch of self-belief, then they’ll hit the ground running.

Liverpool Will Be Better

Klopp’s team have been so bad this year that everyone has more or less forgotten that, for many years, they were very, very good. Could they return to that level next year? It would be foolish to think that they can’t. External factors — injuries, players taking time to settle in — have largely been responsible for the team’s collapse this year. But there are signs that they’re beginning to find their own rhythm. They’re not only winning games again, but they’re winning convincingly. Klopp has also moved Trent Alexander Arnold into midfield, which is like a new signing. If they can have a good summer transfer window, there’s no reason why they can’t return to their former glory and compete for the title.

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Manchester United Will Be Better

It’s been a long time since Manchester United competed for the title, let alone won it. Anyone who’s paid attention to the club over the past few years will be aware of the problems they’ve had. Yet finally, it seems that those problems are beginning to go away. The big one is the ownership situation. The Glazers have finally put the club up for sale, which means United could have some money to spend — and there’ll be a noticeable improvement in the atmosphere around Old Trafford, too.

There’s also the matter of Erik ten Hag, who very much looks like a Manchester United manager. The positive changes he’s brought to the team in his one year of being in charge have been extremely impressive. They’re still shaky, of course, but given where they were last year, they’re basically a different team. Where will they be one year into the future? Somewhere near the top of the table, we bet.

Manchester City…Will Be The Same

Of course, though Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United will be better next year, they’ll still have to come up against a formidable Manchester City side. Guardiola’s team will ensure that any side that beats them will be well deserving of the title. But it’s happened before, and it may even happen this year. For the 2023/24 Premier League season, we shouldn’t be surprised if City have to deal with a few more rivals for glory than they usually do.

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