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Premier League 2021/2022 Home Jerseys Ranked

The 2021/2022 Premier League season has already kicked off.

A new season means a new kit for each club. The 20 clubs involved will showcase their glossy new home, away and alternative kits in the coming weeks.

New Premier League kits spark debate months prior to the end of each season, with fans in fury for a glimpse of their club’s new look kit. Each fan hopes and dreams their club’s newly remodelled design will become an instant classic rather than a mocked and ridiculed one that rival fans will latch onto.

Here at SportsNewsIreland, we’ve ranked all the confirmed list of Premier League home kits for the 2021/2022 Premier League kits.

Let us know which ones you prefer.

Premier League Kits 2020/2021

20) Watford

Watford really did no favours on their home kit. The modernised version of last season’s awful sun-stripped design is an improvement but still leaves little to the imagination for Hornet fans.

The thick black line design along with the bright yellow does not match, while the sponsorship logos placed around the jersey is distracting.

Rating: 2/10


19) Brentford

Designer’s Umbro has almost put out a carbon copy off Brentford’s home kit from last season in the championship. Copy and Paste with a new sponsor, while changing Utilita to Hollywood bets looks tacky.

Overall, the kit is plain and dull with no improvement, and for Brentford’s Premier League debut season, it is a disappointment.

Rating: 3/10


18) Liverpool

Unlike Liverpool’s retro away kit. In recent times Liverpool has had some brilliant kits, some of the best but Nike has failed miserably with their home kit design. The orange mixed with the red is off-putting, while the combination of diagonals and zigzags was a terrible idea.

Rating: 3/10


17) Norwich City

Too bright, too tacky and just too Norwich. The massive JD sponsors on the sleeves are distracting and the overall design doesn’t sit well with me.

Rating: 4/10


16) Burnley

Bland, bland, bland. Fitting FOR Burnley in many ways. The Clarets have kept it stupid here. The only noticeable difference is the blue and white design on the sleeves.

Not bad, but nothing special either.

Rating: 4.5/10


15) Brighton & Hove Albion

Going back to its white and blue striped design from last season’s all blue with almost invisible white lines. Nike has shown a return to form this season with a strong offering for Seagull fans.

Compared to other kits, it’s fall’s flat, looking like previous Brighton kits leaves it in the okay category for now. Not an eye-opener, but by no means one of the worst.

Rating: 5/10


14) Newcastle United

Castore’s first Newcastle kit is average at best, what I have always loved about Newcastle’s home kit through the years is how simple yet effective they are. This year’s design is a mixed bag. The collar is stunning but other than that it’s underwhelming.

Not enough stripes for my liking.

Rating: 5/10


13) Southampton

Southampton with Hummel has gone a slightly different route this season. Lovely sleeve designs and the chevron detailing through the stripes are a classic retro inclusion.

Rating: 5.5/10


12) Everton

Overall, the mixture of designs can be distracted to the naked eye. While the different shades of blue might make or break Everton fans happy levels with the kit. But the ‘dazzle-camouflage inspired’ pattern is a standout.

Get rid of the Cazoo sponsor though.

Rating: 5.5/10


11) Leeds United

Very clean, very solid and overall, just very nice. The mixing of bright yellow and white makes the jersey stand out above last year’s dark blue lines and a darker shade of white.

Rating: 6/10


10) Tottenham Hotspurs

Sometimes plain and simple does the job well, Spurs have always done little to go somewhere different with their home kits. The plain white serves them well but for many Spurs, fans just a white shirt is what Spurs should release every year.

It is what it is.

Rating: 6/10


9) Manchester City

Much more of a fan of last season’s cracked shirt design, City have not gone backwards per se but it’s not an improvement either. But, it is still a good kit nonetheless. Serving as a rather plain kit that is not boring, the main standout is the 93:20 reference to the 2011/12 Aguero goal is a nice touch that will be sure to make City fans cry with joy.

It also takes a dig at United, which will be sure to annoy United fans.

Rating: 6.5/10


8) Chelsea

Easily the most decisive Premier League home kit, I would have put this jersey in the bad category but it has grown on me. Usually, Chelsea home kits are nice, solid in their design, the dark blue is always nice.

Nike and Chelsea went bold with this design. It was a high-risk decision with the unusual zig-zag and checkered design. The yellow strip gives the jersey an extra dimension.

But I must say, it is a lot to take in.

Rating: 7/10


7) Wolves

How anyone can mess up the Wolves home kit is beyond me but the gold and black will always be a solid fit. An improvement from last season, its hard to find a Wolves home kit that isn’t at least passable.

Rating: 7/10


6) Leicester City

At first glance, some might mistake this kit for a Birmingham City kit of days gone by, squint your eyes and tell me it’s not similar. For me, Leicester’s home kits are always the best each season. The collar here is gorgeous with the golden trim.

It’s 50/50 on if someone will like the controversial design.

Rating: 7.5/10


5) Crystal Palace

Looking at this kit the one word that comes to mind is ‘fresh’. The diagonal stripes are an interesting change of direction. What makes the jersey so good is the dark blue edging between the stripes along with the red and blue colouring. Well played Palace, well played.

Rating: 8/10


4) Aston Villa

The detail this Villa kit has will please fans. Its pinstripes within stripes is an interesting design choice. One of the best claret and blue jerseys in the league. The colours and crest themselves stand out big time.

If I were a Villa fan, I would be pleasantly pleased with Kappa and what they have produced this time around.

Rating: 8/10


3) Manchester United

At first, the inclusion of ‘TeamViewer’ sponsorship looked uninspired, but the plain red with little design is a blast from the nostalgic blast.

The long sleeves are reminiscent of the George Best days, Adidas should be proud of this year’s kit. Getting rid of the hideous Chevrolet sponsor was much, much needed.


Rating: 8.5/10


2) Arsenal

Ajax jokes aside, this kit design is one of Arsenal’s best-released kits in recent time. When it comes to jerseys, Arsenal is the king that can do no wrong.

The inclusion of the three dark blue stripes on the shoulders is a nice touch and the decision to darken the red was inspired. A vast improvement on last season’s jersey.

Rating: 9/10


1) West Ham United

Kudos to Umbro here, producing an eye-opener jersey that is plain but looks so nice the more you look at it. The smart collar and blue sleeves are Paolo Di Canio-esque.

It is a throwback kit that screams nostalgia, a retro jersey at its finest. Did I mention how much I love the collar? Cause I do.


Rating: 9.5/10



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