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Premier League clubs says no to five sub rule

The Premier League clubs in England have said no to the five sub rule. Clubs were allowed to use five subs which was increased from the usual three when the league restarted in June due to Covid 19. However, clubs have now opted to vote against the five sub rule for next season.

Teams will now go back to the usual three subs after a vote on Thursday afternoon. In addition to this the Premier League have also stated that it has “approved the implementation of VAR with full FIFA protocol”. This news comes after FIFA took over control of overseeing video assistant referee system from IFAB. Referees will also be using pitch side monitors more in terms of checking goals, red cards and goal kicks. Furthermore, in relation to goalkeepers, if a goalkeepers foot is over the line when he saves a penalty then the penalty will have to be retaken. Players who encroach in the area when a penalty is taken – and have a material impact on the outcome – will be judged by any part of their body that is on the ground when the kick is taken.

In relation to the five substitute rule FIFA have said this can be used in all competitions up until August 2021. Of course this will now mean that the Copa America and the European Championships can adopt this method if they so wish. Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho as in support of keeping the rule, speaking to Sky Sports he said, I like the 20 players [in the squad]. It doesn’t make any sense to travel with 20 players and then you arrive in the stadium and have to send two guys to the stands when the clubs pay every player and invest in every player”. He continued, “And it’s much better for a manager to have on the bench a right-back, a left-back, a centre-back, a winger, a midfielder, a striker”.

The Premier League is set to resume on September 12th.

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