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Premier League to Trial Sin-Binning Players and Issuing Blue Cards

Premier League to Trial Sin-Binning Players and Issuing Blue Cards

Football’s lawmakers, Ifab, are set to introduce trials for sin-binning players and issuing blue cards, with an announcement expected on Friday. Sin-bins, typically used at grassroots levels for dissent, may now extend to cynical fouls as part of this trial.

The Sin-Bin Trial: What to Expect

During the trial, players receiving a blue card from the referee will spend 10 minutes in the technical area. However, details regarding the start date and participating competitions are yet to be confirmed.

Premier League Stance and Fifa’s Position

The Premier League has opted out of the initial trial rollout, while Fifa clarified that reports of implementing the ‘blue card’ at elite levels are premature. Fifa emphasizes responsible testing at lower levels and will address this agenda item at the upcoming Ifab AGM in March.

Ifab’s Agenda: Sin-Bin Trials at Higher Levels

Ifab’s annual meeting in March will delve into sin-bin trials at higher levels of the game, aiming to discuss and potentially implement changes for professional matches.

Success of Previous Trials and Future Prospects

Sin-bins were piloted in 2018-19, resulting in a significant reduction in dissent across multiple leagues. Implemented in grassroots and lower-tier football, these trials seek to enhance respect and fair play on the field.

Exploring Tactical Fouls and Beyond


Mark Bullingham, FA’s chief executive, highlights the frustration among fans due to tactical fouls disrupting promising plays. The consideration to extend sin-binning to tactical fouls reflects ongoing efforts to address player behavior and uphold the integrity of the game.

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