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4 Main Reasons Why Soccer Remains The Top Sport In The World

You turn on the TV today and browse to one of the many sports channels and you are no doubt going to see something about soccer. This is even true for American television. In fact, there are now many American high schools that have soccer teams. And, they not only compete on a local level, but they compete on a national level. This is just of the many examples of how far soccer has come since it was introduced to the states, but why it is growing in such strength?


The Price To Play


First, you must consider the price that it takes to play a sport these days. If you want to enroll your child in golf or baseball, you are going to need to purchase a bunch of equipment. This is not the case with soccer. In fact, there are many kids in third-world countries that play soccer every day with soda cans or rocks. Heck, you can even use two cones, two trash cans, or two rocks as a goal. Stick in a goalie and you will be ready to play. Yes, there are uniforms and whatnot required when playing for a team, but in most cases, these are provided.


You Can Play Anywhere


Another thing that makes soccer so great is its versatility. The sport can literally be played anywhere. You can play in someone’s backyard, you can play in a parking lot, or you can even play on a baseball field. All you need are the players, something for the ball, and something to mark out the goal lines, This is not the case at all with other sports. Basketball requires a special hoop and net, baseball requires an entire baseball field, and hockey requires ice, which is nearly impossible to manufacture in some parts of the world.


There Are Lots Of Betting Action


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to any American to see that football or the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events for gamblers. People from all around the world go to their favorite bookies and sports sites to place bets when the Super Bowl is about to take place. Heck, there are some people that will place wagers six months in advance. Well, there is equal action in soccer if not more. Soccer is the biggest sport in the world and the World Cup is an entire event that last months at a time. You will have tons of games to place wagers on when you take advantage of quality sites like Ufabet.


The Focus Is On The Players

There is more of a focus on the players when it comes to soccer. Just take American football for an example. It is the coaches that call the plays. The players are supposed to follow these plays to the letter, so who gets the credit when the play is successful? This is not the case at all with soccer. It is entirely up to the players to choose what they do on the field. This gives each player a unique realm to shin in his own light.

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