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Liverpool still to recover after losing their last game, Jurgen Klopp still shocked

For the first time since March 2019, Liverpool produced one of their worst shows under Klopp’s reign with their failure to score a goal during a league game. The team’s coach Jurgen Klopp revealed the game result was a big shock to him.


The Reds since their last game against Norwich which ended in their favor 2 – 0 playing against West Ham on Monday did not reveal the best of the Liverpool players the world is familiar with. Their match against Watford last Saturday which ended 3 – 0 in Watford’s favor was the last straw on the camel’s back. The loss has kept fans wondering as to what could be wrong with the magnificent Reds. Knowing Klopp, Red fans are hoping the next matches will serve them bragging rights and bring the top of their game.

Reacting to their victory, Watford’s team coach said, “It’s just one game, we have got 10 more games to go and they are all going to be important. We have got to try and outdo what we have done today in terms of performance. But, I’m proud of the players and they should be proud of how they’ve coped with a difficult situation.”


Does Watford have what it takes to win all their remaining 10 matches? Will the Reds regain their fire and give their fans the show they have all been expecting for the Premier League? These are some of the crucial questions fans are asking and looking forward to seeing in the next games. 


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Chelsea matches to look forward to…


This week seems to be pretty exciting with matches like Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup fifth round on Tuesday night. Next, they have another encounter at Bournemouth on Saturday and then the Champions League with Atletico at Anfield which comes four days later. It seems to be an interesting season for Chelsea fans and they are hoping their players make them proud. There are lots of interesting games for all sports lovers this season and bettors can place their bets on their favorite team and make match predictions at ufabet.


How well is Tottenham performing with Mourinho as a coach?


Amidst all, Jose Mourinho seems to be preparing hard for his next games especially in the next 10 days. Tottenham Hotspur has four upcoming matches; two in the Premier League, and one each in the FA Cup and Champions League as well. A lot of people are looking at the outcome of these matches to determine his overall impact on his new club. Well so far, it has been a good era and Tottenham Hotspur fans are hoping to get more amazing results. The Spurs season is a crucial one for him and there are many eyes watching closely.

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