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Setting an Android TV Box to Watch Live Sport

Setting up an Android TV box to watch sport may seem to be difficult; however, it is an easy process if you know the following tips.

How to Set Up an Android TV Box

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Turn off the TV

You should turn off your TV anytime you want to connect or disconnect a device. Read the manual to ensure you are doing it correctly. After connecting the box, turn on the device manually or use the remote.  

Connecting your box to the TV

Boxes like MAG425A  come with an HDMI cable. Connect the two devices and power on the box and wait for the interface to show on your screen. Follow any available prompts to continue with the setup process.

Set the remote

Every device comes with remote control. Power on the remote and use it to power on the TV box. You can also do it manually using the power button. Most of the remotes use AAA batteries.

Select your language

Use your remote to scroll through the menu items. In most of the cases, the device will have an automatic setup process. But, you may need to set the language on the settings tab.

Getting connected

You need to connect to the Internet to access all the features of your Android TV. On the settings tab, click on the network and set up the WiFi connection, the process is like connecting an android phone. You can then download apps and games or even stream videos.

Updating the firmware

Just like your android phone, your smart TV contains apps that need to be frequently updated. Installing and upgrading your firmware should be the first thing before installing other apps. Firmware updates may erase other apps, so always do it first.

Setting up Kodi

Kodi is an app that works with most common TV boxes; you can use it or use the other apps. This app comes with many features that make streaming more accessible. Some boxes are already preinstalled with this app, but you may also download it from the play store. With Kodi, you can organize all the media in your box. If you decide to work with Kodi, change your box settings to avoid problems with buffering.

Secure your Android TV box with a VPN

Once your TV is set up for viewing, you need to secure it so that no one can invade your privacy. A good VPN will encrypt your data to safeguard you from hackers when you are using your TV online.


Setting up your TV box is not difficult. I hope this guide will help you with the right information on how to set up your Android TV. Use it as a guideline whenever you have your new TV box.




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