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Top 5 Young Footballers in The English Premier League 2020!

The key to building a club is having a closer look at young footballer prospects. During transfer windows, little attention is placed on youngsters.

When it comes to the English premier league, there are five young players you can’t ignore. The five top players need to be considered. Below is a list of youngsters you can have a look at during the year 2020.

  1. Bukayo Saka

The 18-year-old winger made a 7 minutes’ debut in the premier league where Arsenal played against Fulham. So far, he has been able to play 18 matches in all matches Arsenal has played over the last season. He has been able to contribute two goals and several assists. Arsenal’s defense dwindled due to injuries, and he has been taken as a replacement to fill up the position as much as it isn’t his natural position. His future is excellent as the gunners seek to rise through the ranks in the next league games.

  1. Harvey Elliot

He made his debut appearance after he was substituted for the match that Fulham played against Wolves. Elliot was born on April 4, 2003. He is a sort after playing with clubs such as Real Madrid and PSG. However, he made a spectacular move to Liverpool. His move to Liverpool was received with mixed reactions. However, it was a smart move with loads of achievements where he has been able to score three goals. The 16-year-old youngster is expected to perform even better in the coming season.

  1. Mason Greenwood

Mason has played for 415 minutes for all his EPL match appearances. The Manchester United striker was born on October 1, 2009. He has managed to score nine goals and two assists, which makes him the most impressive player. Ole Gunnar has developed a strong confidence in him such that he has been able to start on two matches and Europa league games. Being a teenager, he ignites hope to most fans and punters who visit gambling sites, including bk8, staking wages as they watch the youngster.

  1. Troy Parrot

His appearance when spurs score a 5-0 win over Burnely is a match to be remembered. Being the 2nd youngest EPL player born on February 4, 2002, his gameplay has impressed his manager, Jose Mourinho. Despite lack of a position during past matches of spurs even after Hary Kane was injured, back in Ireland, he has bestowed a great honor. The national team has high confidence in him attributed to some of the stellar performance, which makes them have hope in him as the one who will deliver them to the FIFA world cup.

  1. Brandon Pierrick

The 17-year old midfielder has only played for 7 minutes in his EPL matches so far. His most impressive game was a friendly match against Norwich City. It was an opener to having a chance to play for the senior team. He was offered an opportunity to play during an FA cup match. Hodgson, the crystal palace manager, is already impressed by him from the previous matches. Therefore, people can expect more from him when the league resumes.

With the youngsters playing, bookies, including bk8, are coming up with better odds for punters to enjoy as they watch.

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