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Soccer Myths: True or False?

Soccer is a game that is loved by billions of people all over the world. This is both a good and a bad thing.  Good in the sense that soccer will never die, bad in that people get suspicious and different myths arise. 

The fact that billions love it means that each person believes what they want to do about the sport. As such, there are quite a number of soccer myths from all around the world.

Soccer Myths

Just like there are things people believe about roulette online and how to win them, there are some interesting myths that people believe about soccer too.

The Sportswear Myth

Soccer teams always have a jersey, and the colour of the jersey is up to the team and the team manager. However, it is believed that the colour of the jersey has something to do with whether your team will be successful or not in the future. 

Is this true or false, we have no idea. However, studies show that teams that wear red have been more successful in the EPL as compared to other teams that wear colours other than red.

The good looks myth

A general belief in the whole world, soccer or otherwise is that if you are good looking you are most likely to be successful.  However, when it comes to soccer in Germany, it is the exact opposite. They believe that the less good looking that you are, the more successful you are going to be.

Mario Balotelli

There is a lot that people believe something about Mario Balotelli. So we will list just a few of those things. At some point it was believed that he gave £1,000 to a homeless man who was sitting outside  online horse racing. Another is that he went to a petrol station and bought everyone who was their fuel. Also, there are many who believe that he received DJing lesson from Tom Westwood.

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