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Premier League Clubs To Vote on Removing VAR Next Season

Has VAR Been Effective in the Premier League?

With a proposal in 2018, the Premier League started their rocky marriage to VAR. Initially met with optimism following its successful roll-out at the World Cup in Russia, the Premier League’s 20 clubs went from skepticism to unanimous backing for VAR to be introduced for the 2019-20 season. England’s top flight had been the last of Europe’s big five leagues to adopt VAR, initially rejecting its use in April 2018 due to concerns over decision communication. Its implementation aimed to increase accuracy in officiating, but the ensuing seasons have highlighted its benefits and significant drawbacks.

  • Controversies and Criticisms Heighten as VAR’s Future Hangs in the Balance

The 2023-24 campaign has witnessed numerous contentious incidents involving VAR, sparking heightened criticism and leading some teams and fans to question the integrity of the Premier League.

The potential impact on soccer betting, especially soccer parlay bets, has also been a discussion among betting enthusiasts, as VAR decisions can significantly alter match outcomes and thereby affect betting results.

In light of these events, Wolverhampton Wanderers have formally submitted a resolution calling for the scrapping of VAR this summer. This motion will be put to a vote when representatives of the 20 Premier League clubs convene for their annual general meeting in Harrogate on June 6.

Wolves highlighted in their statement that the choice was made after a thorough study and with the highest respect for the Premier League, PGMOL, and its opponents. They acknowledged that all parties involved had worked hard to make the introduction of additional technology a success. However, after five seasons, Wolves argue that the minor improvements in accuracy do not justify the negative impact on the spirit of the game. They believe that VAR should be removed from the 2024/25 season onwards to preserve football’s essence.

The Premier League has confirmed that it will facilitate a discussion on VAR during the meeting. While the league and PGMOL remain committed to improving the system for the benefit of the game and fans, they acknowledge the concerns raised. Wolves have pointed out several issues stemming from VAR, including disrupted goal celebrations, confusion and frustration due to lengthy checks, a hostile atmosphere in stadiums, and an overreach of VAR’s original intent. They also highlighted an erosion of on-field officials’ authority and ongoing errors despite multiple replays, which have damaged confidence in refereeing standards.

Incidents such as Liverpool’s Luis Diaz having a goal wrongly disallowed for offside and the controversy surrounding Anthony Gordon’s winner for Newcastle United against Arsenal have kept VAR in the spotlight. Nottingham Forest’s complaints and legal considerations following their loss to Everton further underscore the discontent.

Globally, Sweden became the first country to reject implementing VAR after fans protested, leading to a reversal in its planned adoption. In the Premier League, any proposed rule change requires a two-thirds majority (14-6) to pass. The league’s board of directors believes that removing VAR would increase the number of incorrect calls and harm its reputation. They point to efforts like semi-automated offside technology (SAOT) and in-stadium VAR announcements as evidence of ongoing improvements.

Since introducing VAR, correct decisions in games have risen from 82% to 96% this season. However, the upcoming vote will determine if the Premier League believes these gains are worth the costs highlighted by its critics. Will VAR’s days be numbered, or will it continue to evolve within the English top flight? Most experts don’t believe the vote will pass and VAR will stay. The final answer lies in the hands of the club representatives who will cast their votes in June.

So, What’s Next for VAR in the Premier League?

Whether or not VAR is abolished next season, it is clear that its future will continue to be a hotly debated topic in the Premier League and even the upcoming World Cup, where FIFA will surely discuss it as well as 2026 gets closer. The upcoming vote serves as an opportunity for all parties involved to address concerns and find solutions that can improve both accuracy and the overall match experience.

If VAR does remain in place, we will likely see further efforts to refine and enhance the system, such as faster decision-making processes and clearer communication with fans. However, if it is removed, the Premier League may need to explore alternative methods of increasing officiating accuracy without sacrificing the flow and spirit of the game.

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