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Things That You Should Bring to A Football Game

If you often wonder what to carry to a football or  best australian online casino game, this article is for you. There are items that you need to bring to a football game, especially if it is a full day of college football.  Here are the things that you will need to bring. 

Team Gear

Make sure you wear something that represents your team when you go for a game. You may want to take some pictures while at the game; they will look good when you are wearing your team gear. 


A cooler is very helpful when you are going to a football game. Make sure you fill the cooler with some ice, this will ensure that your drinks will remain cold even until after the game. 

Food and Drinks

You can buy your favourite snacks and bring them to the game. Chips and salsa are good snacks to bring to a game. Do not forget to bring drinks as well as some bottles of water so that you be hydrated throughout the day. Also, bring some sweet things such as a candy bar. 

Credit Card and Cash

You may want to buy something that you did not bring to then new online casino game so it is a good idea for you to bring cash or your credit card. There are times where you may need to celebrate; some extra cash and credit card may come in handy. 

Portable Charger

This may be handy especially, if you love social media. Your phone may need to be recharged, after a while. You may also want to share the charger with your friends. If you carry a portable charger, you will be able to post every moment that you have captured. 

Carry Some Things Depending on The Weather

You may carry things like sunscreen or an umbrella depending on the weather that day. You do not want your day to be ruined because of the weather. 

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