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Why does Mexico play many home games in the USA?

The Mexican national football team plays lots of friendly matches. You can perform online betting with whenever they are on the field. However, a curious thing about its home friendlies is that most of them aren’t played in Mexico, instead, they are played in the USA. Why is that? Let’s find out

Basically there are 2 big reasons why the Mexican team does this. The 1st of them is related to the sheer number of Mexicans that live in the USA. And the 2nd one, is that it is also quite a big business move. Punters can make online betting with the 1xBet platform, and here it is also possible to wager on matches played in the USA too.

The Mexicans plays in many cities in the USA, with 3 examples being:

Los Angeles;
and Chicago.

In all those cases, the team can play to packed stadiums full of fans who might not have the chance to see them play in Mexico. It’s a special treat for those fans.

Hitting the jackpot

The money side of things is huge too. And speaking about money, you can now visit, and here you can place wagers on great golf tournaments in addition to football matches too.

The Mexican Football Federation hits the jackpot by hosting games in the U.S. Here the federation benefits from 3 things: higher ticket prices, big sponsorship deals and merch sales. We’re talking about a situation where a game in the U.S. can pull in up to 3 times the revenue of 1 back home in Mexico. Regardless of where Mexico plays its matches, by visiting the 1xBet website you will be able to wager on all of them too.

Not without critics

Of course, this move is not without its critics. Some worry that playing too many games outside of Mexico might weaken the bond between the team and their local fans. We speak about the ones who can’t just hop on a flight to catch a game in the States. It’s a valid concern and speaks to the need to strike a balance between expanding the brand internationally and staying true to the team’s roots. At this moment you can go to 1xBet – profitable football betting can be made on all football matches played by the Mexican side too.

This critic has a lot of merit. Yes, there are other national sides that also play some of their home games outside of their country. However, this happens due to external circumstances that are outside of their respective football federation’s control. In this regard, the Mexicans seem to be the only team in the world that does this willingly without any external factor that prevents them from playing in Mexico. Whenever other friendly matches take place, make sure to make your profitable football betting by becoming a member of the 1xBet platform.

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