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7 Tips and Strategies You Need to Know About Rugby Betting

As much as there are different forms of betting online in sports, rugby is among the most popular game that is gambled online. It offers a lot of opportunities that can generate profit for the participants. The markets range from the handicap markets to the straight match bets by first placing a bet on the scorer and the game’s first scoring. It is one of the fastest-growing sport across the globe and has a large market due to its high relativity of having many scores, making it great for betting. 

There are many tips, tricks, and rules people should follow if they want to increase their chances of success. Thanks to the betting experts on Betworthy, we put together a list of basic rules for betting on rugby. Without further ado, here these are.

Basic rules to bet on rugby

For a participant to win a match, the team that they have placed a bet on has to make more scores than the opponent within the allocated time frame of 80 minutes, composed of two halves each of 40 minutes. The points of the game are score using different methods such as conversions (2 points), drop goals that earn 3 points, tries earns 5 points, and penalty kicks which earn 3 points. Therefore, one places a bet depending on different scores per method.

Betting odds

Betting on any type of sport requires one to understand the betting odds given. This allows a participant only to place bets on an informed bet with the bookmaker. This allows bettors to know what they either stand to gain or lose from their stakes. Most of the odds are listed in different ways, such as the Moneyline odds, decimal odds, and fractional odds, which are the main methods of listing odds. Once a bettor understands these Moneyline odds, they are then able to calculate the amount of profit they are likely to reap in the event they win the bet. 

Rugby betting types

There are multiple bets in any sport, such as the Outright Results Betting, a popular type of bet. Most of the new bettors in rugby tend to stick to this type of bet since it is self-explanatory. With this type of bet, you are allowed to place a bet based on predicted results of a rugby match where a bettor chose the team that will win the match and places money on this team. However, if points spread betting comes in, this kind of bet might become problematic. Therefore, you can view the listed odds for both teams to establish the team favored to win and use the odd calculate the possible win.


Here, rugby betting becomes somehow complicated. An accumulator happens when the profit gained from the first bet is added to the consequent bet using the initial stakes. In the event that this bet wins, it is again added on the consequent bet, and the sequence continues that way. If one is expecting a five-bet accumulator, then this is referred to as fivefold. Excess of five bets is reoffered to as permutations which comprise any sort of bets which are available in these selections. This category allows for losses to occur; thus, if a single bet loses under permutation, there is still a chance of winning overall. It is an advanced category of a rugby bet. 

Half Time/ Full Time

A halftime bet is one of the best straightforward types of bet different from the outright type of bet in that a bettor will stake on the team that will be leading at halftime. However, half time/full time differs from half time bet in that in a half time/full-time bet, and a bettor stakes money on the team that they think will be leading both at half time and at full time as a combination. Therefore, one can bet on the same team to lead at the end of both halves or a combination of the two teams. However, it is essential to note that a team-leading at half time does not imply it will win full-time.

Try scorer

There are a number of try scorer bets that one can bet on depending on the type that one has an interest in. for example, a bet can be placed on a player that you think will score the highest trys in a single game. Other types of bets can also be placed, such as on the player you think will score first. This necessitates that intensive research is done on a player before making such a decision. 


This type of bet makes rugby betting more fascinating. The bookmaker will offer one team a handicap in a game to make it more interesting. This type is usually applied when one time has a significantly higher stake of becoming a winner. A handicap can be placed to render the bet more even. In this manner, for the favored team to win the game, they have to win the game and overcome the handicap placed to become winners within a handicap bet type. This makes it an exciting type of bet to play, mainly where there exists disparity in skills on the two competing teams. 


Placing a bet on the total number of scores of both teams in a rugby game is known as over/under betting. Before the beginning of the game, a bookmaker will formulate a hypothetical combined total figure of scores by the two teams. Different odds are listed, including if the two teams will score a certain number of scores combined or if the total combines scores by the two teams will either be below or exceed a certain set threshold. A bettor will therefore bet depending on their predictive scores of combined teams.

Finding the best odds

Before taking on any type of rugby bet, it is crucial to carry out sufficient research. This means a bettor will have to analyze different bookmakers by comparing the odds given for the exact matches you are seeking to bet on. This is done by examining these odds to establish which bets are likely to give you the most profit. This will enable you to know the amount of money to place in a bet.

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