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Davy Fitz has no hard Feelings towards Galway Job

Davy Fitz has no hard Feelings towards Galway Job

Manager Davy Fitzgerald has stated that he has no hard feelings about losing out on the Galway job to Henry Shefflin.

The former Clare and Waterford manager was in talks for the role with Galway county officials during their process to replace Shane O’Neill but opted for the Kilkenny legend.

Fitzgerald admitted to having a phone call with Galway executives saying;

“They rang me for the chat. I talked to them, we had one or two chats, and it just didn’t work out,”.

“They decided to go with Henry, and that’s it. I’m driving on. I’ve a lot of things to look forward to, and that’s it. It’s very simple for me. It was probably made a lot more out of than it needed to be. But all I can do is wish Galway and Henry the very best of luck.

“Henry got the job at the end of the day. He’d won an All-Ireland club with Ballyhale and was an unbelievable player. This is probably a lot different but I think he’ll do really well. I wish him nothing but the best, there’s no animosity here towards Henry from my side without a shadow of a doubt. I only wish him the best.

“I know they might have said ‘would you not wait for Kilkenny’, but Brian Cody is doing a pretty good job I think. He’s won Leinster again, he’s doing pretty well. You can’t just get rid of someone that’s doing OK so why not let Henry go and do something different?”

Fitzgerald fully understands why Shefflin decided on joining Galway rather than waiting for the Kilkenny job;

“Henry is doing this because he loves hurling and he wants to challenge himself to be better,” he said.

“I think Henry is right to go and do this. He has a very talented team that will be there or thereabouts.

“If you see the amount of Clare players that come and shake my hand after games, it’s incredible. The amount of Kilkenny fellas that will have respect for Henry and know what he has done… They don’t expect Henry to sit on his behind and wait for years [until Brian Cody steps down]. Why should he if he can be involved and do something?

“Is it harder when you come across your own county? Of course. I’m a Clare-man, I loved playing for Clare. But you have a job to do for the day and you do it.

“After that, I’m sure Henry will be shouting for Kilkenny, no matter who they’re playing apart from Galway.”

The 2022 Hurling season will be the first year Fitzgerald will not be involved in a Senior inter-county set-up since he joined up with the Clare panel as a player in 1989.

“I think with me, the appetite will always be there if something takes my fancy,” he said.

“Whether I go back into county management or any management, I don’t know. I probably will.

“If the right opportunity comes up, maybe yeah. I’d love to tell you, I’d love to have a crystal ball and tell you exactly what’s going to happen. Will I miss it? I’ve been involved since 1989 at senior level and this is my first year not in it. I don’t know what the next few months are going to bring and how much I’ll miss it. I might, I might not. I don’t know.

“Whatever happens, happens. I’ve had a great time though, I’ve had an unbelievable time.

“But I just want to take this time and enjoy going to games, and not having to worry about what’s coming next week. It’s been a long time since I got to do that.”

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Davy Fitz has no hard Feelings towards Galway Job

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