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Irish Kickers Shine at NFL International Combine

Irish Kickers Shine at NFL International Combine

Irish kickers made waves at the NFL international combine held in Indianapolis, catching the attention of NFL scouts. Despite starting later than scheduled, Rory Beggan, Mark Jackson, and Charlie Smyth showcased their skills at Lucas Oil Stadium, aiming to secure spots in the NFL through the international player pathway (IPP).

Impressive Performances:

– Beggan, Jackson, and Smyth, alongside college kickers vying for NFL draft inclusion, demonstrated their abilities in various drills.
– Smyth made 12 out of 16 kicks, Beggan 11 out of 16, and Jackson 10 out of 16, showcasing consistency and accuracy, especially from mid-range distances.
– Notably, all three kickers showed promise from under 35 yards, with Beggan and Jackson impressively nailing kicks from 55 yards.

Nerves to Confidence:

– Initially, all kickers displayed nerves with early misses, but they quickly found their rhythm.
– Despite some pulls, all kicks exhibited considerable distance, highlighting their potential even in challenging conditions.
– While attempts from 60 meters proved difficult, the kickers demonstrated resilience and determination throughout the session.

Excellence in Kickoff Drills:

– Transitioning to kickoff drills, Jackson’s impressive length and Beggan’s accuracy were notable, further enhancing their profiles.
– The Irish contingent’s performance remained strong as they excelled in various aspects of special teams play.

Future Prospects:

– Following extensive interviews with all 32 NFL clubs, the Irish kickers now await potential offers to join practice squads.
– Offers could materialize soon, indicating the NFL’s keen interest in their talents as free agents.
– As the new NFL season approaches, these opportunities could lead to significant career advancements for the Irish athletes.

Continued Action:

– The momentum continues as former Connacht player Darragh Leader gears up for punting drills, representing Ireland’s ongoing presence and potential impact in American football.

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