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Petition started to reintroduce GAA across Video Game Platforms

The last game involving Gaelic and Hurling was released in 2007.

The Irish GAA Banter Facebook page are calling for widespread signatures on a petition to release a GAA video game for 2017.

The movement is gaining strength by the day, and has actually already garnered over 2,000 signatures, with many more expected to give their backing over the coming weeks.

The official request on behalf of the GAA Banter Page is for ‘A Hurling & Football Ps4 & Xbox 1 Game made by EA Sports.’

The petition, with 2,000 signatures listed, has already been lodged to EA’s UK based offices, with the following message explaining their request in full:

‘We the Irish people would appreciate if you would consider making a GAA game, it would outsell the likes of Fifa 17 in Ireland on both Xbox and Playstation platforms and would also have a very strong market in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia.
Thanks for your time,
People of Ireland

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the entire effort, however, is the PS4 game cover which has been created:

Source: GAA Banter Page

While the initiative is spreading more out of hope than expectation, the likelihood of any form of reaction from EA seems hugely unlikely for a couple of reasons.

First of all, there have been a number of GAA games released in the past, the most notable of which was 2005’s aptly titled ‘Gaelic Games Football‘, a genuine contender for worst PlayStation game of all time.

Needless to say, the game flopped, and a concerted effort to revitalise the franchise fell flat in 2007.

Additionally, Rugby fans the world over have heard their pleas for an EA Sports-produced game fall on deaf ears for almost ten years now.

But, as they say, if you don’t ask…


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