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Video Highlights – Waterford beat Kilkenny to reach All-Ireland Final

WATERFORD got the perfect result as they won the All-Ireland hurling semi-final by 4pts to reach All-Ireland Final on Sunday 13th December.  

Kilkenny 2-23 2-27 Waterford, Result

Kilkenny had the perfect start with goals from TJ Reid and Martin Keoghan in the first 20 minutes. Waterford hit nine wides in the first half and trailed by 7pts. It was Kilkenny 2-11 0-10 Waterford at the break.

man of the match Stephen Bennett hit a great goal and some lovely free pucks in the second half as Waterford ran riot on a punch drunk Kilkenny team. Austin Gleeson was super and hit 5pts. Daragh Lyons superb goal probably sealed victory for the Deise.

The second half was Waterford 2-17 to 0-12 Kilkenny, It was the first semi-final Kilkenny have lost in 15years and only the third time Waterford have beaten the Cats in the championship.


  • 75′

    Kilkenny 2-23 2-27 Waterford, Result

  • 74′

    Austin Gleeson point to put Waterford 4pts up

  • 74′

    Tadhg De Burca, Waterford lead by 3pts

  • 73′

    Paddy Deegan point

  • 72′

    Iarlaith Daly point

  • 70′

    TJ Reid point, there are 4min injury time

  • 69′

    Point of the day from Austin Gleeson

  • 68′

    TJ Reid from play, two in it

  • 67′

    TJ Reid free and its only 3pts in it

  • 66′

    It’s Kilkenny 2-19 to Waterford 2-23 with five min plus injury time to play

  • 65′

    John Donnelly with a lovely score

  • 64′

    Super point by Stephen Bennett

  • 62′

    TJ Reid free, Kilkenny trail by 4pts

  • 60′

    Darragh Lyons GOAL

  • 61′

    Jack Fagan and TJ trade scores

  • 58′

    Bennett free goes wide

  • 55′

    Neil Montgomery and TJ Reid trade scores

  • 54′

    Dessie Hutchinson puts Waterford 2pts up

  • 52′

    Neil Montgomery point puts Waterford 1pt up

  • 51′

    Auston Gleeson point, its all level

  • 50′

    Jamie Barron gets Waterford within a point

  • 43′

    Bennett free, only two in it

  • 42′

    Bennett gets Waterford back to within 3pts

  • 38′

    Bennett from play and TJ Reid from a free

  • 37′

    Stephen Bennett GOAL

  • 36′

    Neil Montgomery wide, thats ten wides for Waterford

  • 35′

    Kilkenny 2-11 0-10 Waterford, Half time in Croke Park

  • 35′

    Stephen Bennett free

  • 35′

    TJ Reid free

  • 34′

    Neil Montgomery

  • 34′

    Lovely score from Bennett

  • 33′

    Stephen Bennett point

  • 32′

    John Donnelly point

  • 28′

    TJ Reid free, another Austin Gleeson wide

  • 29′

    Dessie Hutchinson point

  • 26′

    TJ Reid GOAL, Kilkenny 8pts up

  • 25′

    Stephen Bennett free

  • 25′

    Stephen Bennett free

  • 25′

    Conor Browne

  • 25′

    Eoin Cody point

  • 23′

    Another TJ Reid free

  • 22′

    Two poor wides from Austin Gleeson

  • 20′

    Calum Lyons point

  • 17′

    It’s been all Kilkenny, they could be 10pts up. They have hit four wides.

  • 14′

    Stephen Bennett point free and TJ Reid free

  • 12′

    Martin Keoghan GOAL for Kilkenny

  • 10′

    Jack Prendergast point for Waterford

  • 6′

    Martin Keoghan score, Richie Hogan score, they now lead by 4pts

  • 3′

    TJ Reid point

  • 1′

    TJ Reid free


  • Waterford : Stephen O’Keeffe; Ian Kenny, Conor Prunty, Shane McNulty; Calum Lyons, Tadhg De Burca, Kevin Moran; Jamie Barron, Jake Dillon; Jack Fagan, Kieran Bennett, Stephen Bennett; Dessie Hutchinson, Austin Gleeson, Jack Prendergast. Subs: Billy Nolan, Peter Hogan, Mark O’Brien, Mikey Kearney, Patrick Curran, Colin Dunford, Conor Gleeson, Darragh Lyons, Neil Montgomery, Iarlaith Daly, Billy Power.

  • Kilkenny : Eoin Murphy; Conor Delaney, Huw Lawlor, Tommy Walsh; Padraig Walsh, Cillian Buckley, Paddy Deegan; Conor Browne, Conor Fogarty; John Donnelly, TJ Reid, Martin Keoghan; Billy Ryan, Richie Hogan, Eoin Cody. Subs: Darren Brennan, Paul Murphy, Joey Holden, Ciaran Wallace, Richie Reid, Alan Murphy, Colin Fennelly, Walter Walsh, Liam Blanchfield, Ger Aylward, Niall Brassil.

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