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4 Pieces Of Golf Exercise Equipment That Are Worth Buying Today

Do you enjoy playing weekend golf, but get frustrated because your scores never seem to improve? This is a common problem for casual golfers. You want to play better, but don’t have the time to consistently visit the driving range or the practice putting green.


There are ways to get better at the game you love without spending hours at the course. Do you work out or could you spend a little time at home to get your body in better shape? Did you know that golf exercise equipment can help you improve your swing and lower your scores? It’s a win-win! Get in better physical shape and play better on the weekends.


We can help you come up with a quick program using golf exercise equipment. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym. A short, focused routine using golf exercise equipment will give you an advantage over your golfing buddies. Wouldn’t it be nice to start beating them on a regular basis? Collect a few dollars and tease your friends in the 19th hole?


What Do We Mean By Golf Exercise Equipment?

In the 1970s and 1980s the idea of golf exercise equipment didn’t really exist. Even PGA tour professionals didn’t take physical conditioning very seriously. That all changed in the 1990s. Tiger Woods changed the game! He started the trend of golfers taking strength and conditioning more seriously and with this trend, the idea of golf exercise equipment was born.


In most circumstances golf exercise equipment is not unique, but how you use it to improve your golf game is new. Exercises designed to improve flexibility and strengthen the parts of your body that are critical to a consistent and solid golf swing. Golf exercise equipment can make a real impact on your game and help you shoot lower scores.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Golf Exercise Equipment

Balance, flexibility, and lean muscle are the keys to a consistent golf swing. Golf exercise equipment helps you achieve these results. 


You may not always think of it this way, but golf is a physical activity. If you walk when you play, you cover 7+ miles during an 18-hole round. Do you ever notice that you struggle to finish off a round? Do you tend to play the last 3-4 holes poorly? This could simply be you’re getting tired.


The right golf exercise equipment can help you solve for fatigue on the course.

How To Choose The Right Golf Exercise Equipment

The best advice for choosing golf exercise equipment is to keep it simple. Try to identify golf exercise equipment that is readily available in most gyms or is inexpensive for you to buy for your home. Do other people in your home enjoy staying active? Try to find golf exercise equipment that can be used for golf-specific exercises, but can also be used by non-golfers in your home looking to get fit.


Still not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we can help you get the right golf exercise equipment.

4 Pieces Of Golf Exercise Equipment That Are Worth Buying

You don’t need to immediately run out and build an entire home gym. Slowly build your golf exercise equipment collection over time. You simply need the basics to get started on your path to better golf. Below are the 4 pieces of golf exercise equipment we recommend you purchase or start using:

  1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are one of the most basic pieces of exercise equipment and they are a must-have for golfers looking to improve. For golf exercise equipment, you don’t need super heavy dumbbells. Go with a weight that’s comfortable for you – the key will be multiple sets, not lifting as much weight as possible.


Dumbbells will help you improve your upper body strength, specifically your arms and shoulders. They’re a great piece of golf exercise equipment if you’d like to add some distance to your game. Hit that driver farther!


For the best results, you want to do multiple sets. Some golf-related dumbbell exercises include Lateral Raise, Shoulder Flexion, Bicep Curls, and Triceps Kickback.


Price Range

Depending on what you buy, the price of dumbbells can vary significantly. We recommend you start slow and purchase a couple that are a comfortable weight for you. Down the road, you can add an additional weight option if needed. We estimate that you’ll spend between $30 – $50 for a quality product.

  1. Resistance Bands

A resistance band is an elastic band used for strength training. They’re commonly used during physical therapy to regain strength following an injury, but are also a great piece of golf exercise equipment. They typically come in different colors, which indicate the level of tension. In other words, the colors will help you understand which ones are more challenging to use (similar to adding weight to a dumbbell). We recommend you get tube resistance bands with built-in handles, but bands without handles can also get the job done.



Resistance bands are a great wear to build strength and add power to your golf swing. They allow you to perform exercises that mimic different parts of your swing, creating muscle exactly where you need it. They’re also the perfect piece of golf exercise equipment to improve the rotation of your golf swing.


Some resistance bands exercises to try include Band Resisted Sit-ups, Banded Rotations, Banded Rows, and Banded Push Downs.

Price Range

Resistance bands are a great piece of golf exercise equipment for a couple reasons. First, they don’t take up much space in your home and second, they’re very inexpensive. You can find what you need for under $25.

  1. Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is a weighted ball with a diameter that’s approximately your shoulder width. They’re typically used for rehabbing injuries and strength training. A medicine ball is also an excellent piece of golf exercise equipment.


Medicine Ball exercises are a great way to build strength and add speed to your golf swing. Tiger Woods was one of the first professional golfers to add this piece of golf exercise equipment to his workout. Some of our favorite medicine ball exercises include Russian Twists, Side Throws, and Toe Touches.


Price Range

Medicine ball prices range from $30 to $100+. Making them another great example of an inexpensive piece of golf exercise equipment that can help you find more success on the course!

  1. Hand Grip Strengthener

This piece of golf exercise equipment is sometimes referred to as a “Gripper”. They are designed to help you strengthen your “crush” grip, which is focused on your 4 fingers more than your thumb. 


Just a nice and simple piece of golf exercise equipment. You can use it anytime. On a work conference call? Spend a few minutes using your hand grip strengthener. Watching the PGA tour on Sunday afternoon? This is a perfect time to use this golf exercise equipment. Instead of eating a snack, improve your golf game.


A strong grip helps your golf game in several different ways. It’ll give you more control over your swing and the club. A strong grip will also allow you to transition more force from your hands, through the club, and to the golf ball.


Source: Black Mountain

Price Range

Hand Grip Strengtheners come in different levels of restriction. You can purchase one for less than $10 or find a set for $20 – $50. 


The Right Golf Exercise Equipment Can Change Your Game

Trust us. Using the right golf exercise equipment to perform exercises for golf will have a significant impact on your swing and your scores. Do you still need to spend some time at the driving range and the practice green? Of course, but don’t forget about your physical health.


Bad weather forecast this weekend? Do you live in a colder climate with a long golf offseason? This doesn’t mean you can’t work on the game you love. If you’re stuck inside, break out your golf exercise equipment and get some reps done! 


Lower scores, a lower handicap, and more pars & birdies are right around the corner. Good luck and play well!

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