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How to choose the best Irish online casino

Gambling has ancient roots and was first introduced around 3000 BC in ancient Egypt where dice were used to gamble.

Throwing dice was actually how gambling started in many civilizations and today, gambling has evolved to be a dominating industry worldwide with both physical and online casinos available. You also have Sports betting software for those people who like to bet on football, baseball, and Basketball.

It is no secret that gambling is extremely popular and technology has boosted that popularity significantly thanks to the rise of online casinos. Online casinos have come to a point where you can go to a website and get all the information you need on top-rated casinos, best bonuses, and even strategies on how to make more money by playing online. One such site is Manekinekocasino, which offers extensive reviews on the best online casinos available. You can’t go wrong if you’re following their advice.

If you are looking for an online casino that allows you to enjoy the best Irish games, the first thing you need to do is research the types of games that are offered.Some casinos might only offer slots, while Irish online casinos offer a wider variety of games. Different casinos will also have a different amount of bonuses available when signing up. You need to know what type of game you wish to play and how much money you can offer before choosing a particular casino. Here is what to consider when choosing the best Irish online casino. 

Different types of games 

When considering a casino, you should ensure that the casino offers games that you enjoy playing. Online casinos are guaranteed to have slots, table games, roulette, blackjack, poker, and even live dealer games. It just so happens that these are all the most popular casino games in Ireland as well. If your aim is to make money at an online casino, you need to have a certain degree of knowledge about the games you want to play. You need to know whether it is a skill or luck-based game and you need to familiarize yourself with the rules. It is also a good idea to practice skill-based games. If a casino only has a limited selection of games, opt for an online casino that has a bigger selection.

A wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options 

The best casinos are fast withdrawal casinos because they allow you to deposit and withdraw instantly. Some casinos make players wait a month before they can withdraw their winnings so it is important to check what the deposit and withdrawal options are when you are researching a particular casino. Being able to deposit and withdraw instantly makes the gambling experience more enjoyable, however, you have to keep in mind that transaction processing times differ with every payment method and payment times can vary from a few days to a few weeks. Make sure you check each banking option and then decide how long you are willing to wait. 

Great customer support

An online casino needs to have great customer support because when you are dealing with the internet, it is common to encounter glitches and system errors. When these things occur, customers need to know that there is 24-hour assistance available. Effective customer service ensures that the player has the best possible experience because they know that they have 24/7 assistance whenever they need it. You can ask customer service anything regarding the online casino, whether you need to enquire about account registration, different deposit and withdrawal methods, promotions, or even if you have questions regarding software providers. 


You will find the following bonuses at an online casino: 

  • Welcome bonus: This is free money you receive upon joining the casino. 
  • Deposit bonus: When you make a deposit, the casino will add a percentage to it. 
  • No deposit bonus: This is money you receive without having to put down a deposit. 
  • Free spins: This bonus is given to slot players to enjoy free spins.
  • Loyalty bonus: This bonus is given to existing members who are loyal to the casino.

Bonuses are used by the casino as an incentive for new players as well as existing members and casinos can attract new customers with bonuses. As a beginner, bonuses are great because they allow you to play without spending much of your own money. 


It is vital to choose a casino that has SSL encryption because this protects your personal information from hackers and scammers. You’ll also want to join a casino that is licensed and regulated because these casinos are guaranteed to pay out your winnings and not scam you.

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