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Virtual School Marathon Relay @ Home

Fitter Younger has decided to put a fundraising event, while also encouraging kids to remain active while they aren’t in schools. They have developed two types of events, virtual school marathon relay @home and club marathon relay.


The money raised goes towards your school or your club. Looking at the school marathon relay, the whole school can get involved. Be it staff, pupils, parents association. There is limited work involved as Fitter Younger does most of the work for you. It organises the fundraising aspect of it from start to finish, they also supply everything to make it an event worthwhile and successful. Kids will likely be asked to say run 100 meters for as fast as they can. An example 422 kids run 100 meters each.

This would be recorded and uploaded to the site along with your 10 euro donation. The event itself tries to promote that your school is an active school. It also promotes the physical and mental benefits of exercise. The club marathon relay is run in the same way in which Fitter Younger looks after all the fundraising aspects of the event. At present charities such as Heroes Aid.com and Community Foundation Northern Ireland are benefitting. So be sure to sign up at www.virtualschoolmarathonrelay.ie

The website was developed by Ciaran Slane a graduate of Sport Science. He is also qualified in Level 2 in GAA Coaching. I asked, “Why did you set up the initiative?”. He said, “I set up Fitter Younger with the aim of giving children the opportunity to increase their physical activity through a non sport specific exercise class”. I also asked Ciaran what is the required amount of activity for adults and children?  He stated, “All children, as well as adults, are required to get at least 60 minutes of moderate activity each day. This can be broken up throughout the day, for example, three 20 minute sessions. Simple activities can include walking, jogging, cycling, dancing, practicing your favourite sport, basically any activity that raises your heart rate and increases your breathing levels”. 

In relation to the current lockdown measures in place, Ciaran stated that simple exercises such as lunges, squats, marching on the spot can be very effective. He also said,”Household chores can also be used as exercise. You should try and interrupt your sitting time every 30 minutes”. 

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