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Choosing a legitimate casino

Many players often don’t care too much about choosing a casino to play when they start in the world of gambling.

From our perspective, that was a big mistake. Gambling is also a form of payment for entertainment. So choosing the best online casinos means you’ve found a place worth spending your money, and it guarantees a great experience. 


On the other end of the spectrum, there are a bunch of unsafe casinos that can cheat your winnings, or delay payouts, thus giving you a bad gambling experience. . Thus, knowing how to stay away from unscrupulous operators is also key to enjoying healthy gambling.


Today’s article will talk about how a beginner can choose a safe casino to play on CasinoMentor – one of the largest gambling review sites. If you’re wondering about that, you’ll find the answer below. 

Think About What You Want From An Online Casino

There are thousands of online casinos on the market, and each one claims to have the best quality of service. However, that is not entirely correct. A casino may be suitable for this player, but other players may not like it. The same goes for any area of ​​your life.


Therefore, you will need to know your gambling needs well in order to choose the right online casinos. To do that, answer the following questions for yourself:


What kinds of games do you wish to play? Each operator will offer a different library of games. Some casinos specialize in slot games with tons of titles in their catalog, others specialize in table games, and so on. One person’s strength is another’s weakness. Therefore, you need to determine which casino game genre you love to find the operator that offers the most titles in that field.


What kind of bonuses are you looking for? Are you looking for a no-deposit offer or a cashback bonus with no wagering requirements? This depends on the type of games you’re looking for.


What kind of gamer are you, and what do you want to gain from online gambling? This depends on your approach to gambling and your habits. Are you a gambler who plays regularly or are you someone who only gambles when there is an interest? Each type of player will fit certain qualities of the casino. So it’s better to know which group of players you belong to.


After you’ve answered these basic questions, you’ll have a good idea of ​​what kind of casino you’re searching for. At the very least, you’ll know what you don’t want, bringing you one step closer to addressing the larger issue of how to find the best online casino.

Pay Close Attention To Good Criteria For Online Casinos

Our experts have built a professional casino review system to rank casinos based on their quality. If you want to learn about how we rank casinos, you can refer to this article. 


If you are a beginner, we will summarize the primary criteria that we think can affect player safety when playing at an online casino. These include:

The Reputation Of The Casino

The reputation of the casino is built over the years through the way the operator treats the players. Most specifically, it shows through how the dealer pays out your winnings. You will only discover whether you are playing at a decent casino once you have won a significant sum and the casino has readily paid out your money. There have been several confirmed examples of internet casinos directly defrauding gamers.


The following are the most prevalent cheating practices: the casino refuses to pay out a player’s fair wins, the casino provides altered unlicensed games with a considerable misuse of lower payout ratio, and the casino frequently uses a clause concerning bonus bonuses.


Because of such methods, it is prudent to investigate an online casino’s reputation before depositing funds. Our website can assist you in this by verifying the reputation of all the casinos on our list on a regular basis. If we discover that a casino is conducting unethically, we will never recommend it to our player.

Casino Licensing Authority

Every online casino is officially run from a different nation or territory with a special statute, also known as jurisdiction. To run an online casino from a country, that country must have favorable regulations regarding internet gambling. Licenses are provided by either the state that wants to control and tax its own people’ online gambling (such as UK, Belgium, Romania, and so on) or by jurisdictions that wish to enable casinos to undertake international business (like Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, and so on).


If a casino refuses to pay you your rightful gains, your sole option is to file a complaint with the regulator that provided the casino’s license. Only then will it be clear how critical it was to select a casino based on who provided their license. A competent regulator should always be impartial in favor of fair gaming. Every official complaint should be evaluated and evaluated by him. A casino’s license may be revoked if they commit a significant breach of the regulations. 


Some of the most reputable and committed to player protection in the event of a dispute include the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and Curacao iGaming. Therefore, if you see your casino’s license issued by one of these authorities, it’s a sign that you can expect a safe gambling experience. 

Fair Terms and Conditions

Before wagering with real money, you must always agree to the casino’s terms and conditions, just as you must with any other service you seek. As a result, if you do not double-check or exclude this category, you will be at a disadvantage if it contains unfair portions. We’ve developed a list of some of the most typical circumstances you could experience while betting.

Fees for Transactions

When you deposit and withdraw money from a betting site, you expect the whole amount to be credited to your account. However, certain operators may charge you a fee for each transaction you make, which we believe may lead you to be treated unfairly, even if the price is little.


Aside from charging different fees, some websites strive to maximize their revenues from consumers by majestic high minimum deposit limitations or low maximum withdrawal limits. High minimum deposit limitations signal that the betting site encourages customers to deposit more than they anticipate, which might lead to gambling problems.

High Minimum Deposit Limits / Low Maximum Withdrawal Limits

Low withdrawal restrictions are also a source of concern. Consider this: if certain casinos limit weekly withdrawals to €3,000, it will take you about 7 years to withdraw €250,000 by getting €3,000 monthly. It’s doubtful that the casino you use will last that long, so pay attention to the withdrawal limit in the conditions.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Not all casino bonus offers are what they appear to be. It’s critical to read the fine print and understand the offer’s terms and limitations.


Some large casino bonuses are really bad when you look at the wagering requirements and minimum deposits necessary to activate them, but some tiny bonuses might be fantastic offers for the same reasons.

Easy to navigate and graphically pleasant website

The website of an online casino not only produces that famous initial impression, but it also determines how much you will like playing in it. Of course, you can play at a casino with a confusing and ineffective website, but it’s not as exciting.


The general rule is that large casinos have well-developed websites. A casino’s web design can become a site of competition amongst casinos. Worse-looking websites may indicate a limited budget, a new casino, or a shaky IT team. However, do not form a judgment of a casino based only on your perception of its website.

What To Check When Visiting The Casino Site 

After you’ve discovered a casino you’re interested in by reading numerous evaluations, you’ll need to proceed to the site itself. No matter how many in-depth casino reviews you’ve read, it’s not as obvious as having analyzed the casino yourself. So, when you get at the website, you should:


Look around the website. Click through the menus, fill out the registration form, try out some of the games, and get a feel for how the site works. Is it quick, smooth, and dependable, or clumsy, sluggish, and riddled with broken links? Believe us when we say that design is crucial, and a terrible site will result in a frustrating experience.


Try out the casino games. Many casinos enable you to play some of their games for free. Go for it if this is a possibility! This will give you an idea of ​​what to expect from the games, which is undoubtedly the most significant aspect of an online casino experience.


Examine the exclusive offers. On the site, there should be a promotions tab. This is where you’ll discover the site’s welcome incentives and any current promotions. Look around, check whether the incentives appeal to you, such as weekly free spins for slot players or the welcome bonus, and read the key terms and conditions. This will give you an indication of how fair the casino is and whether it takes care of its regular customers.


Pose inquiries. Don’t be scared to put customer service to the test. While you’ve chosen a casino with excellent customer service, you can still confirm this by asking the customer support certain questions. 

Final Points

You now have a much better understanding of what goes into choosing the best online casino. It is well worth your effort to do this correctly, and completing your homework is essential. Diving headfirst into casino gambling might be beneficial, but our experience has shown that it often leads to disappointment. So, via reading this article, you can avoid the worst gambling sites and select a safe casino to play

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