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Is the Titleist Pro V1 the right golf ball for me?

Choosing the best golf balls for your game is very important, as it’s the only piece of equipment you use on every single shot.

The Titleist Pro V1 has been the most-played golf ball on tour and the world’s best-selling ball since it launched back in 2000. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best ball for every golfer.

To help you decide whether it’s the best ball for you, let’s look at what the Pro V1 brings to the table and what you’ll need to get the best out of it.

Swing speed

The Pro V1, like all tour-level balls, has a relatively firmcompression, which means you’ll need a decent swing speed to get the most out of it. Golfers with below-average swing speeds will get more distance from golf balls with a lower compression.

Soft feel

The Pro V1 has a soft feel, which many golfers love, although some prefer a slightly firmer, clickier sound, as they find this gives them more feedback on short shots, particularly with the putter. If that is the case for you, the firmer-feeling Titleist Pro V1x will be a better option.

Flight & spun

Feel isn’t the only difference between the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. The Pro V1 provides a slightly lower flight and less spin than its sibling; whether you view that as a positive or negative will depend on your impact conditions, typical ball flight, and the type of golf course you normally play.


If you want even lower spin than the Pro V1, the Titleist AVX provides that, as well as the softest feel of the three tour-level Titleist models.


The Pro V1 is a premium ball and comes at a premium price. At £50 per dozen, it’s one of the most expensive golf balls on the market. Budget-conscious golfers or those who tend to lose a few balls during a round may prefer to look at a cheaper option.


Titleist cut no corners when it comes to quality control, but the very nature of the Pro V1’s soft urethane cover means it won’t be quite as durable as some golf balls. It’s a ball designed for the world’s best golfers, who don’t have to worry about the cost or durability of the balls they use!

Design options

Titleist are pretty traditional when it comes to design. While brands like TaylorMade and Callaway are releasing all manner of creative ball designs with various alignment aids, the Pro V1 is only available in plain white or a high optic yellow.

Custom fitting

Custom fitting isn’t just for golf clubs. Titleist have a ballfitting service on their website, where you’ll answer several questions and be given a ball recommendation. Even better, Titleist run ball fitting events throughout the year at various locations, where an expert will run you through a series of tests in different parts of the game – including short game, driving, and putting – in order to determine which Titleist ball will suit you best. You may even be given a couple of balls to take away, which is an added bonus!

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