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Oleksandr Usyk’s blueprint: How the Ukrainian plans to beat Tyson Fury in the Ring of Fire showdown

As the countdown to the ‘Ring of Fire’ showdown between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury intensifies ahead of their rearranged May 18 date, the anticipation among boxing enthusiasts reaches a fever pitch.

The ‘Gypsy King’ is the favourite in Fury vs Usyk odds as he aims to become the undisputed heavyweight champion, but Usyk has overcome underdog status before and can do so again.

The Ukrainian maestro, often referred to as ‘The Cat’, has outlined his approach for this historic clash at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Usyk’s strategic blueprint revolves around a philosophy that values speed and agility over sheer weight.

“To win this, I don’t need to be heavy, I need to be fast, and quick,” he said.

“You never see a fat wolf in the forest.”

It’s a bit of an unusual analogy from Usyk, but read on as we break it down further and get a better understanding of what he is trying to say.

Usyk’s philosophy

Usyk’s statement encapsulates his core philosophy heading into the Ring of Fire bout — an emphasis on agility and quickness rather than relying solely on the traditional attributes associated with heavyweight boxers.

While many expected Usyk to bulk up when he made the transition from cruiserweight to heavyweight, his dedication to maintaining speed sets him apart — aligning with his belief in the nimbleness of a predator like a wolf.

Speed and agility

Throughout his career, Usyk has been renowned for his exceptional footwork, quick reflexes, and ability to move in and out of range effortlessly.

These attributes were key in his victories over Anthony Joshua, showcasing a boxing IQ that nullified the power of his opponent.

Usyk’s strategic approach against Fury is built on the foundation of leveraging his speed advantage, aiming to outmanoeuvre the larger opponent and create openings for precise counter-attacks.

Height disadvantage turned advantage

The analogy of a “fat wolf in the forest” reflects Usyk’s belief that excess weight can be a hindrance rather than an asset.

Standing at a large height and weight disadvantage against the towering 6ft 9in, 270lbs Fury, Usyk (6ft 3in and 220lb) sees his lighter frame as an advantage in maintaining mobility and elusiveness.

Usyk is aiming to use his agility to avoid taking unnecessary punishment and not allowing the heavier Fury to lean on him while capitalising on openings.

Studying the Francis Ngannou bout

Usyk and his team have undoubtedly analysed Tyson Fury’s recent performances, particularly his bout against Francis Ngannou.

Fury faced adversity in that fight, being knocked down in the third round by the former UFC heavyweight champion.

The Ukrainian’s camp will have meticulously dissected the moments when Ngannou breached Fury’s defence, seeking insights into potential vulnerabilities to exploit.

As Usyk prepares to face Tyson Fury in the ‘Ring of Fire,’ his strategic blueprint emphasises speed, agility, and a refusal to conform to the traditional expectations of a heavyweight boxer.

Usyk’s philosophy of staying light on his feet, akin to a wolf navigating a forest, sets the stage for an intriguing clash of styles.

The world eagerly awaits to witness whether the Ukrainiancan translate his strategic vision into a historic victory to upset the boxing odds on May 18, as he aims to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the

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