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Modern Pentathlon: Coyle fences into third in Ranking Round

The Olympics Modern Pentathlon began this morning and Ireland’s Natalya Coyle started with fencing in the Musashino Forest Plaza

This will be the Meath woman’s third Olympic Games, most recently she finished 6th overall in Rio 2016. The 30-year-old will be looking to improve on this yet again this year.

This season’s modern pentathlon has 36 athletes and consists of a five disciplines: swimming, fencing, riding, running and laser shooting.

The beginning of the ranking process was 35 fencing bouts for each athlete spread across three and a half hours this morning. Each athlete would score points for their victories which would be totalled up for their ranking position.

Coyle has shown her determination and excitement to be at these Games, to read more about Team Ireland Triple Olympian Natalya Coyle Ready For Tokyo, click here.

Modern Pentathlon – Women’s Fencing Ranking Round

Coyle started poorly getting two loses in her first two bouts but picked herself up and won the next five. It is clear to see that fencing is something that the Meath woman focused on in preparation for these Games.

At the halfway stage of 18 bouts, the Irish woman had beaten her opponents 13 times. After this point, the athletes began to tire and this became a war of attrition.

As Coyle fought to keep up with the demanding fitness needed for the event, some of her performances suffered. She started losing every second match as she pushed herself hard for victory.

Coyle found another burst of energy when there was an end in sight two hours later as she won her last five bouts. She finished the round of matches with a total of 23 victories, showcasing her fencing talents.

These hard fought performances had gotten Coyle a joint third place finish at the end of the fencing Ranking Round with 238 MP points.

The only other athletes to better her were South Korea’s Sehee Kim and Germany’s Annika Schleu with a staggering 274 points.

Nothing is won yet and the ranking round in fencing does not express an athlete’s overall strengths. Coyle will need to rest and recuperate for the finals coming up tomorrow, knowing she has put in a tough shift this morning.

Upcoming Schedule for the Women’s Modern Pentathlon finals

Friday, August 6 (Irish time)

Swimming – 06.30

Fencing Bonus Round – 07.45

Riding – 09.15

Laser Run – 11.30

LiveScores Now Available at IrishScores.com



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