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The battle of the fallen kings in boxing

If you are a fan of boxing, let’s go back a few years. What was every boxing fan’s dream at the time? To finally see a heavyweight match between the two absolute dominators of the class – Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder and to see all the heavyweight championship belts be united under one person. This was more and more a possibility with them winning game after game and fans were on the edge of their seats waiting for the game to be announced. If you are a fan of the sport as well make sure to check out this welcome offer.

What happened so far?

The long-awaited game never happened. Yes, it was very close, but Anthony Joshua lost the belts twice in a few years’ time – against Andy Ruiz Jr. and most recently against the best from Ukraine Oleksandr Usyk. Now AJ has a chance to retake his belts in the rematch that is scheduled to be played in Ukraine but if he fights the way he fought in the first match there isn’t much of a chance for that to happen.

Meanwhile, Deontay Wilder was also dethroned for the WBC belt in what will go down as a boxing classic against Tyson Fury. Three spectacular games that ended in a questionable draw in the first one, followed by two dominant wins by the Gypsy King. After the last game, Wilder said he needs some time to rest and think. But what will he come up with?

Is an AJ – Deontay Wilder fight possible?

There are already rumors going around in the world of boxing that we may see these two battle it out after all. Yes, it will probably not be for any belt but if such a fight is announced it will undoubtedly break social media.

Those rumors might result in something more should Anthony Joshua fail to retake the lost belts in the rematch against Oleksandr Usyk. Bookies have the Ukraine-based fighter as favorite in the rematch and from what we saw last time, for a good reason.

If Anthony does lose this game he will be left in the same boat that Deontay Wilder is currently in – one of the best boxers around who look like fighters that deserve a belt. What are they to do? The Bronze Bomber, quick and athletic as he may be, isn’t getting any younger. At 36 years old he needs to get a championship belt fight as soon as possible. He has no time to make momentum fights against other boxers and eventually get a chance for a belt. The same goes for Anthony as he lost the belts twice now. It will be difficult to get a 3rd chance to reclaim them without spending a few years in reputation and point-earning fights for the rankings.

The only logical thing that comes to mind is for an AJ – Bronze Bomber fight to finally be announced as it could launch them straight back into the championship belt fights. Should Anthony Joshua lose his rematch against Oleksandr Usyk, it won’t take long before boxing fans start asking “What are you waiting for Mr. Eddie Hern?”

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