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Main Reasons Why Your Casino Needs HTML5 Games

Like any other sphere, the gambling business is developing by improving its software. One of the most interesting phenomena over the past few years has become the HTML5 format, which is gradually changing the rules of the game in the development of slots.

What is HTML5?

This is the fifth version of the hypertext markup that is used to create web pages. The question arises: what do the developers of online poker software have to do with it? Well, the new HTML5 tags can not only structure the pages of sites but also create software for them with various multimedia capabilities. Now the sale of slot machines based on this technology breaks all records.

Let’s consider the benefits of HTML5 in slot development:

  1. The technology allows you to play slots on both desktop PCs and smartphones. At home, in the office, transport, café — the player can open his favorite game in a convenient place at a convenient time.
  2. It makes no difference whether the gambler has Android or iOS — the HTML5 game will open on any platform, which distinguishes such slot machines from games created using other technologies. It has a positive effect on the expansion of clients’ base.
  3. These slots use SVG vector graphics, which customize games to screens of different sizes. Scalability is one of the main advantages of technology.
  4. HTML5 games load and work quickly, they do not require installing additional software.

From all the above, we can conclude that the development of an HTML5 slot does not require a large time and financial costs. The developer writes code that does not need to be adapted for different devices. You only need to work on compatibility with browsers.

Your casino needs HTML5 games if you want to:

  • increase attendance of your website without any difficulties;
  • create the most comfortable conditions for the player to spend more time in the game;
  • spend less money and time on creating new or buying existing slots;
  • follow trends and use only relevant technologies.

HTML5 Casino Games from Evenbetgaming

Evenbetgaming is a well-known gaming software developer. Choosing software from this company, the owner of a gambling business can be sure of its quality, legality, and uniqueness.

The casino operator can order the development of the slot according to his own requirements: he will receive a one-of-a-kind slot machine that can only be found on his website. This is beneficial because it attracts attention and distinguishes the institution from competitors.


The creation of HTML5 has expanded the horizons of opportunities for software developers. Even before its release, many predicted a sad fate for the project. However, the ability to adapt content for smartphones is widely used today, so the sale of HTML5 slots has long surpassed the sale of flash games. Want to start your own gambling website? Make sure that HTML5 is a part of it.

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