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Brother’s success in Australia wasn’t enough for Norway’s Cummings in a match against Greece

The Cummings brothers are well known in the Rugby world, simply due to their coverage of the world. One brother, Nick Cummings plays in Australia while the other one, Nathan Cummings performs in Norway.


Both brothers have managed to make a name for themselves in the sport by performing amazingly in their respective countries, but Nathan has been placed on a much higher pedestal thanks to his performance in the Norway – Germany match which was a qualifier for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.


The win against Germany came right after Nick managed to grow his celebrity status even further after having almost all of Australia fall in love with his character in the Bachelor TV Series.


Nathan was very hopeful that the team’s performance against Germany would repeat itself against a much tougher opponent in the form of Greece, but unfortunately that it did not come to be as Norway lost 26 to 55 against Greece.


The hope for Rugby, however, was revived in Norway as the oval ball sport was not very popular beforehand. The Norwegian team’s performance under the guidance of Cummings was quadrupled according to some experts in the country, but it still cannot come close to other sports that are much more popular.


Regardless though, Cummings has said that their victory against Germany showed the Norwegian population that their rugby team is capable of bringing down a serious opponent, but Greece seemed to be simply too much for them to handle.

The way attention spread

Although sports betting isn’t necessarily allowed in Norway, but much rather restricted to a government-controlled entity, it was still obvious that the rugby team was getting much more attention after their victory against Germany. Multiple Norway online betting providers started to increase the odds of the team winning against Greece simply due to their amazing performance beforehand. Hundreds of Norwegian bettors were introduced to the sport in the lobbies of the betting operators and were encouraged to take a look. The fact that Cummings is also quite popular in Norway for leading the team added some extra value to the whole shebang.

However, now that those people have placed their hopes and most importantly funds on the performance of their rugby team and were not necessarily given what they were hoping for, it’s likely that betting companies will start lowering the odds once again and stop considering Norway’s rugby team as a top contender. An average status is more likely.


But the hit that the team took in terms of popularity is obvious. All of those new bettors who had their hopes disappointed against Greece are unlikely to support their rugby team anytime soon unfortunately.

But still, the global rugby community applauds the Norwegians and hopes them better performance in the future.

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