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Cheltenham Betting Tips

Cheltenham Festival is fast approaching, with it beginning on Tuesday 10th March 2020 and ends on Friday 13th March 2020. That means that it is time to win some money! You can find a lot of offers for Cheltenham Festival 2020 over at BettingOnline where they have prepared a complete preview.

They have put together some of the best horse racing tips and strategies specific to the Cheltenham Festival, so that you can enjoy betting on Cheltenham for the days it is on! It would be a shame to go in with no tips or ideas on whom to bet on and then having spent your budget on the first day, we want to be able to go the whole length, from the first race to the very last.

We have been in search for the best tips for Cheltenham, doing research and discussing with tipsters to see which horses there are to help us take the bookies’ money. There are a lot of different things to take into consideration when betting on a horse, which makes it so difficult. It is not just the odds to look at, but also the diet, the weight, the recent form, the way it jumps and more.

There are on average around 7 races per day, starting from 1:30pm through to 5:30pm. This gives you plenty of time to place some bets and if you see some that you don’t fancy wagering on, there are always more. Especially if you don’t win off one race, it’s onto the next.

Here are the top 5 favourite horses for Cheltenham:

  • Defi Du Seuil
  • Harry Senior
  • Aspire Tower
  • Paisley Park
  • Notebook

Here are the top 5 Jockeys for Cheltenham:

  • Jonjo O’Neill
  • Barry Geraghty
  • Brian Hughes
  • Harry Skelton
  • Rachel Blackmore

The bookmakers do not want to favourite to win, hence why they are such low odds sometimes, the favourite is what most people will try and bet on as they are the most likely to win on paper. If you bet on one favourite on its own, the odds won’t be too great, so it is recommended to bet in an accumulator bet, where the odds are much higher whilst still being able to stake low.

The only issue with favourite betting, aside from it not being a guaranteed win is that some bookies try and trick customers, by labelling a horse a favourite, when it is not a favourite in actual fact and is not likely to win, this way players will back it and have a high chance of losing.

Be careful when betting and refer back to previous events in order to sustain some knowledge on which horse to back. Only bet when the odds are in your favour as well, don’t go wasting money on bets offering low returns on something that in actual fact is a risk. If you want the best prices, then it is usually a good idea to bet early. Betting early is when the bookies offer some god odds. Refer to other tipsters to see what they are backing, but don’t think that their opinions are guaranteed wins.

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