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Horse Racing Betting: Key Factors, Tips and Popular Strategies

According to one version, it was at the hippodrome that bookmakers and sports betting were born.

At first glance, everything is simple in horse racing: I chose a horse, put it on it, and if it came first, I got a win. In fact, betting on horse racing, like any other sport, has its own nuances. In this material we will try to talk about the main and main.

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in a number of countries: in the USA, Australia, Britain, the United Arab Emirates. Competitions are held at different distances and on various coatings (grass, sand, etc.), and only this already indicates that you need to understand before placing bets on horse racing.

Types of horse racing bets

Consider the most common horse racing betting options:

Bet on winner – Everything is simple here. The usual type of bet on the winner of the race. We choose a horse, and if she comes to the finish line first, we get a win. There is also the opportunity to choose a horse and make the opposite bet, that is, if he does not come to the finish line first, you get a win.

Place, Show, and Across the Board Bets. To increase the probability of winning, winners win. That is, the selected horse should be in the top 3 at the end of the race.

Betting on the winners in the correct sequence. Also in races there is such a type of bets as Forecast. Here the player must guess the horses that will come first and second in the race. The variation of the bet can change, giving the player the opportunity to place randomly on certain places that the horses will occupy.

Some bookmakers with Forecast offer the Tricast bet option. This bet is identical to the above, with only one caveat: here you need to choose three horses already.

Who has a higher position. In this bet, a player from any two horses selects the one who will take a higher place. That is, throughout the race, the player observes the duel of two horses.

Horse Racing Betting Useful Tips

Decide on the type of racing and race

There are not many leaps in the world. Especially in summer. Therefore, we advise you to determine the type of horse racing and specific races that you will watch regularly and for which you will always have comprehensive information. In the future, bet only on them. Also, We advise you to read free horse racing tips from professional racing tipsters.

Create a database

If you follow one of the races stably, then most likely you can easily navigate in the form of its participants. Creating a database in which you will enter information about the races and participants will significantly increase your chances of winning.

By the way, there are special services that collect and provide download statistics.

Pay attention to the weather.

Racing in the summer months is the most difficult for bookies. Basically, the weather at this time is good, the track is dry and the same during all races.

Nevertheless, with changing weather, the result may change. So pay attention to her. When analyzing the results of the horses, pay attention to the conditions under which they gained victories and in what conditions they will have to compete in the upcoming race.

Take into account the style of the participants

Evaluate the style of each of the horses and the form in which they approached the race. Not many players pay attention to the style of horses, and you need to have a “scoop” to use this factor. For example, two leaders of a race can “drive” from the start and become so carried away by a personal confrontation that a horse running right behind them will get a chance to finish.

Bet not on jockeys names, but on the form

Horses from big stables are not always real favorites. Of course, in the eyes of bookmakers and most players, they will remain the main contenders for the victory. But you should pay attention not to the name, but to the form in which this or that horse approaches the race. Far from the fact that the popular horse finishes first. Arm yourself with the results.

Also pay attention to the trainers. Coaches who are young and hungry for victories often give better results than their venerable colleagues, who are fed up with success.

Avoid clear favorites, bet on victory / place

It is extremely rare that a bet on a steed with a coefficient below 2.00 is valued. Better to avoid betting on clear favorites. Better to bet on victory / place (each-way bet), and it is better to bet on races in which 8-10 horses take part.

Draw factor

It is important for the player to understand which of the horses will have the greatest chance of success. A lot depends on the draw: which race participant will start the race. The soil on different parts of the track may differ, respectively, this may give an advantage to one of the horses, and for the other, on the contrary, create difficulties.

What should you pay attention to in betting on horse racing?

Horse age

Undoubtedly, a young horse at short distances has a better chance than his “elderly” brother. But if you are a fan of long-distance races, then experience plays the main role.

Race length

Before you make a bet, you need to know how long the race will be and if there was a break in front of it at the mount. If this is a sprint (short run), then the horse needs to rest for at least a month, but if it is a long distance, then a long break is not necessary, or rather, it is undesirable.

Jockey weight

The average weight of a jockey is 60 kilograms. But novice athletes are allowed to exceed this limit to improve balance with the steed. So it becomes clear that the easier the jockey is, the more experienced it is and has more chances to win.


Weather, as in other outdoor sports, can bring unexpected results when the favorites are inferior to outsiders. Therefore, before betting, it is necessary to clarify the weather conditions at the hippodrome.

Horse Racing Strategies


The most popular horse racing game strategy. Immediately make a reservation that it does not guarantee a 100% win. In equestrian sport, as in any other discipline, there are sensations where the favorites are inferior to outsiders.

In the first races of the day, you must select three favorites at different racetracks with a coefficient of at least 2.00. Then the selected horses must be combined into one bet called “Trixie”. That is, you need to make one triple accumulator bet and three double bets.


horse 1 + horse 2

horse 2 + horse 3

horse 1 + horse 3

horse 1 + horse 2 + horse 3

The bet amount for each is £100 (in total – £400). The odds for any of the favorites are 2.00. If two of the three horses win, you win back your bet, and if all three horses get into the top three, then the prize will be £2000 (for double expresses £400 and a “tee” – £800).

A similar system can be used when betting on two favorites in the initial (morning) races. Only now you need to put two ordinaries on the favorites and one express.

Al-Capone Accountant Strategy

According to legend, the following strategy for betting on races was invented by the chief accountant of an American gangster. Its essence is that the player finds races where the odds offered by the bookmakers for favorites are overstated and fluctuate around 4.00. Then a bet is made on several favorites at once. If one horse wins, the player remains in the black.

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