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European Football Leagues set to lose 4.1 billion

European Football League are set to lose 4.1 billion euro according to Learnbonds. The coronavirus pandemic has been hitting countries hard and businesses also. In terms of sport it has led to numerous cancellations of sporting events at home and aboard. European Football has been hit hard and is no different.

The Champions League was suspended this month as was the Europa League. There were still around 40 games to be played in the competitions. Euro 2020 which was meant to be played out this summer will now be played in 2021. According to Learnbonds data suggest that suspension of matches will cost European clubs a massive 4.1 billion euros.

Looking at cross channel in the UK. The Premier League clubs will lose around 1.28 billion euro. The report states that more than 800 million of that total comes from lost broadcasting revenue. These are likely to from BT Sport and Sky Sports which shows most games. 300 million is expected to be lost in commercial sales, with 180 million drop in match day profit.

The Spanish La Liga will also have a massive loss. Spain which has been hit by pandemic are still in the midst of a lockdown. They are expected to lose around 970 million euros. The Bundesliga in Germany is projected to lose around 790 million, the Serie A in Italy where the virus has hit hardest in Europe is projected to lose up to 700 million in revenue. France Ligue 1 is also going to be a big loss with over 400 million euros.

The threat of players losing their value in terms of transfer money is also under threat. The report outlines that Manchester City would lose 412 million in player value. Barcelona are next on the list with a potential loss of 366 million. Liverpool, Real Madrid and PSG follow with 353 million, 350 million and 302 million in loses.

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