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Keane 1- Klopp 0: Klopp in bizarre rant over Roy Keane ‘sloppy’ comment

The clash we have been waiting for since Roy Keane began working with Sky Sports. Even though it wasn’t really was it, as when Jurgen Klopp looks back at the footage from Monday’s edition of Monday Night Football he will see how mistaken he was in his bizarre rant over Roy Keane’s ‘sloppy’ comment.

Keane in his job as an analyst on the show and not a cheerleader for Klopp and his team, although its hard to tell these days with some football ‘analysts’, was clearly pointing out that in a game Liverpool completely dominated there were evidently some sloppy moments, that might have led to another result on another day.

In fact Keane was wholesome in his praise for Klopp’s team for much of his review of the game, but mentioned that some aspects of the defending was sloppy.

What followed was Klopp’s bizarre rant over Keane’s sloppy comment that was as unnecessary as it was mistaken.

The Liverpool manager said that he believed Keane had called their performance during the 3-1 win sloppy, which he clearly didn’t, merely stating that there were some sloppy moments but that Liverpool had thoroughly deserved the win.

“It was a good night’s work for Liverpool, who were by far the better team. There were one or two scares but they deserved the win. They’re like a machine and one of the fittest teams around. They like to suffocate teams. It’s never easy to score goals but they managed three tonight, four against Leeds. It got a little bit sloppy at the back but it’s job done.”

Keane is right Liverpool are a winning machine, but it is his job to analyse football matches and Liverpool have definitely been lax defensively at some points over the last few weeks in the Premier League. They conceded 3 goals to a newly promoted Leeds team and it could have been more, and again last night they completely outplayed Arsenal but again certain moments of defensive slackness could have come back to bite them.

Their forward players and their top quality attacking play may mean they wont lose these games, but surely a pundit is there to highlight and describe what they see during a ninety minute performance and that’s exactly what Keane did.

The performance by the Liverpool manager after that however, just unnecessary.


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