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Many Factors on the Table: Will Messi Extend His Contract With Barcelona?

A short teaser to begin with: Father Jorge and the president of Barcelona Laporta have already met to discuss the financial and sports plan for Lionel.

Even during the presidential campaign, Joan Laporta made the stay of Lionel Messi in Barcelona a priority, and it is now clear that the Spanish businessman is really keeping his promises.

All Is Buzzing in Catalonia: New Contract Ready For Messi

Catalonia is on its feet. While the race for the title in the La Liga this season intensifies, with the odds that are rapidly changing at the best Irish online casinos that can be found here, all is buzzing with what the newspaper Sport learned – that negotiations between Barcelona and Lionel Messi about a new contract and player’s staying at Camp Nou after the summer have already begun. The head of the Catalan giants and Lionel’s father Jorge, who is also his representative, have already held several talks in recent days in order to define player’s plans for the future and, of course, the financial and sports segment.

As reported by one of the two most reliable sources when it comes to FC Barcelona, the club’s final offer for Messi in economic and sports terms will mostly depend on the results that will be achieved by the end of the season. In other words – whether Barcelona will be able to win the title in Spain or not.

The Two Sides Managed to Agree on Common Goals

What is perhaps most important for ‘Barça’ fans at the moment is that there is a solid foundation for renewing the contract. The two sides managed to agree on common goals, and Laporta presented the first version of the contract for the Argentine superstar to father Jorge in detail. This is only the first, but a huge step towards the final outcome in the direction of signing a new contract, considering that in recent months, and especially since last summer and the chaos in the club under the command of Josep Maria Bartomeu, stories about Messi’s departure from Barcelona after a decade and a half could be heard.

Now things have turned drastically in favor of staying and prolonging the cooperation, and it would not be wrong to say that Joan Laporta is most deserving for that, trying to raise from the ashes – which remained behind Bartomeu – a new, stronger Barcelona with Messi as the main figure of the project. Sport points out that both sides are on the same task and that now it is only necessary to find the final form of agreement.

We have already had the opportunity to see some of the drafts of the deal in the last days and weeks. Laporta is preparing a contract for Messi, which would bond him to the club for life, with a few more years of playing career, then toughening in the executive position – most likely in some MLS club – after which he would sit in an armchair and take over one of the most responsible positions in Barcelona.

Messi Worries About How the Club Will Cope With the Huge Debt

Messi’s biggest concern is allegedly next season, that is, how will a club with a debt of over one billion euros be able to remain competitive? There have already been rumors that Laporta provided a financial injection of 500 million euros from an unknown American investor, which should patch some holes, but what Messi is looking for are guarantees that Barcelona will have a long-term plan and project worth a European giant. This means that Messi is asking the club for reinforcements in all positions in order to remove the large portion of pressure from him, considering the age he is entering.

Barcelona and Messi’s father have a long way to go in negotiations because Lionel is now entering the phase of his career when he needs to think about the time after playing. However, it seems that Messi is now, more than ever in the last year, ready to commit to a new loyalty to the club and thus put an end to all existing speculations and remove the stain from his name after the financial details of his long-term cooperation with the club from Catalonia (four years ago, the Argentine initialed a contract ‘weighing’ 555 million euros) leaked out. And that is what Barcelona needs. 

There are good vibes, now the two sides just need to find a common language on all the most important issues. So, let’s see what Barcelona will prepare for us for the summer.

For Now, Messi Is Only Thinking About the Pitch

What is certain is that the Argentine still thinks exclusively about the pitch. This is confirmed, as we have already mentioned, by one of his conditions for extending the cooperation, which is that the club should bring some ‘top’ reinforcements so that Barcelona will be competitive again, not only for the Champions League trophy but also for domestic trophies.

That the Catalans need something like that is as clear as day. This is best seen at the finish of the ongoing season in La Liga, where ‘Barça’ is making a mistake after a mistake. Ronald Koeman’s team misses every opportunity that comes their way to take over the top of the championship from Atlético Madrid and also prevents Real Madrid from hoping for the title.

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