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One Step Further from the Premier League: Irish Best Young Talents

Ireland is one hell of a country, and the Paddies are one of their proudest symbols. When we think of Irish players, our mind tends to flow immediately to Robbie Keane, the famed Irishman who terrorized Premier League’s defenses for years and years, scoring more than 50 goals for his national squad as well. Unfortunately, that’s just about it (with the exception of keen observers of the sport or, of course, Irish nationals). 

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For those of us who are look carefully, there are more than a couple of young paddies that are set to take Ireland by storm, and perhaps even make a sensible impact in the Premier League. This is the result of an irish effort to reform their football, and it seems to have worked wonders. Talking about wonders, let’s look at the talent that is just now blossoming and may mean glory to the Irish, and appetizing bids for their teams.

Irish Top Young Talents:

Troy Parrott

Troy needs not to show off to go to England, for he is already there. From Spurs, he has been on loan, first at Milwall and then at Ipswich, which is not surprising, considering his age: he is only nineteen years old. As a center-forward, he not only has mobility, but a keen eye for the net, that appears to be natural for him. Not nearly as known as the next entry, Nathan Collins, we may seem him at Spurs, in their first team, soon enough. If not, in a Premier League club. Be that as it may, he seems destined to succeed.

Nathan Collins

This young center-back is already playing cards in the Premier League, wearing Burnley’s shirt. The best evaluated young irish player by transfermarkt, Nathan not only shows that he is a sturdy paddy, but that he can initiate plays as well, and even pose some troubles with his vicious headings. Seems like he won’t be leaving the Premier League any time soon.

Andrew Omobamidele

Continuing with a defensive talent, it’s time for Andrew. Omobamidele is a bit of a tongue twister, but the bet is that we will be saying his name so many teams, we will get used to it. At least, it seems that his talent is demanding us to get used to him. After a successful stint at Norwich last season, where he took the opportunity handed to him by the unfortunate injuries of his teammates, he is now regarded as an high-IQ center-back, versed on anticipation and a reading of the game that is unnatural for a player his age, he relies also on a technical prowess above-average to be a part of both phases of the game. Along with Nathan, Ireland has a central backbone for years and years to come.

Jason Knight

Last but not least is Jason Knight, another shiny youngster that is already in England and has no plans of leaving soon. He, incredibly, already is one of Derby’s captains, by orders of Rooney, who relies on this young midfielder as though he is a veteran. With a James Milner’s type of attitude to it, of complete and imposing attitude towards the entire game, Jason Knight is prone to be the captain of Ireland soon enough. Naturally a box-to-box, he can also play as a ten or as a right-midfielder, as this polyvalence shows not only technical capability, but also sacrifice for the team.

A New Super Generation?

Time will be the judge of all this players’, and others’, careers. One thing is certain, though: there is plenty to go around and it would be a shame to see all this talent go to waste.


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