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Shamrock Rovers Manager to Report Disgusting Fan Behavior

Stephen Bradley plans to involve the police after Cork City fans targeted his sick son with offensive chants

In a distressing turn of events at Turner’s Cross, Shamrock Rovers manager Stephen Bradley found himself at the receiving end of abusive chants from a section of Cork City fans following his team’s 1-0 defeat.

The offensive songs specifically targeted Bradley’s nine-year-old son, who has been bravely battling leukemia. Outraged by the despicable behavior, Bradley vowed to file a report with the police and demanded lifetime bans for those responsible.

Disgusting Chants Aimed at Bradley’s Son

As Bradley conducted his post-match duties, a group of home supporters outside the stadium directed vile chants towards him, focusing on his son’s illness.

The manager, no stranger to criticism, expressed his disgust at the targeted attack, emphasizing that such behavior had no place in football or society.

Speaking passionately about the incident, Bradley affirmed his intention to report the matter to the police, ensuring that those responsible face appropriate consequences for their actions.

Club Apologizes and Pledges Cooperation

Recognizing the severity of the situation, Cork City swiftly condemned the actions of the individuals involved, offering an unreserved apology to Stephen Bradley.

The club expressed its strong condemnation of the abuse and confirmed its commitment to working alongside relevant authorities to identify and take necessary action against those responsible.

The swift response from Cork City highlights the importance of eradicating such behavior from the game and the collective effort required to achieve this goal.

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