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Chelsea criticized by Frank Lampard due to lack of personality in Bournemouth defeat

After the Bournemouth match, Frank Lampard seemed to be upset with his Chelsea players. For those who do not know who Frank Lampard is, he is a former soccer player and the present coach of team Chelsea.


He criticised them for lacking in personality against Bournemouth. He also said that this performance was not worth watching for him. 


Lampard admitted that he clearly understands the frustration of the fans as he felt the same when while watching his team play. He said that the team performed bad, in front of the fans. According to him, the team did not perform well to get the best results.


Today’s performance was not about the team creating a lot of chances. They managed to create only two to three chances. In Lampard’s words, they needed to improve which they didn’t in the game. The team failed to excite the fans. Lampard said, if this is how a team plays, the fans will never get excited. He was so upset that he even went to the extent of saying that this is not the kind of team he wants to coach.


Lampard also said that he could understand when the audience went flat. That’s because he is a Chelsea fan and when you see your favourite team performing badly, you get upset. If Lampard would be in the audience, he would say that the team is too slow and wouldn’t feel like to watch the match anymore. Fans cannot be blamed here because they came to enjoy a good match here but all they got was a disappointment. It the responsibility of the players to give them the excitement they are looking for. They should be dealing with the ball with a full personality and beat the opposite team.


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Is this is a reality check for Chelsea?


Just a month back Chelsea won the sixth Premier League win. This brought them a lot of praise as they defeated the opposite team for 2-0.


However, the team’s subsequent defeats against Manchester West Ham and Everton have brought them utter shame. Fans are upset with their performance. Even their coach Frank Lampard seems to have lost his clam this time.


According to Lampard, the recent defeat of the team should be a reality check for them. They should take a lesson from this defeat and perform better in the next upcoming games. 


Lampard said that unless you are giving your best shot, you cannot bring other teams down. He is upset that his team is unable to give good results as they have lost back to back matches this season. He also said that he needs to think of some other way to improve his team’s performance. They need to focus more on the test and work hard to win.


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