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Hurling – Clare v Dublin – Preview, Live Score & Starting Teams

Clare vs. Dublin: An Exciting Clash in the All-Ireland Hurling Championship Quarter-Finals

The upcoming quarter-final match in the All-Ireland Hurling Championship between Clare and Dublin promises to be a thrilling encounter. Both teams have shown great form throughout the championship and will be determined to secure a place in the semi-finals. In this article, we will explore the paths taken by both teams to reach this stage, highlight their top scorers, and delve into their previous championship meetings. Get ready for an intense battle between two formidable hurling sides.

Paths to the Quarter-Finals

Clare’s journey to the quarter-finals has been impressive, with notable victories over strong opponents. They faced tough challenges in the Munster Championship, finishing as runners-up to Limerick. Their path included thrilling encounters against Tipperary, Limerick, Waterford, and Cork. Although they lost two matches, their performances demonstrated their resilience and skill on the field.

Dublin, on the other hand, endured a competitive campaign in the Leinster Championship. They secured their quarter-final berth after defeating Carlow in the preliminary quarter-final. Along the way, they faced formidable teams such as Antrim, Westmeath, Wexford, Kilkenny, and Galway. Dublin’s mix of determination and talent has propelled them to this stage of the competition.

Top Scorers


Tony Kelly and Aidan McCarthy have been instrumental in Clare’s attacking prowess. Kelly, with his exceptional skills, has contributed 2-28 to the team’s tally, including accurate free-taking and a penalty. McCarthy, a reliable scorer, has notched up 1-27, showcasing his proficiency from frees and ’65s’. Their combined efforts have bolstered Clare’s offensive firepower.


Donal Burke has been Dublin’s standout scorer throughout the championship. His tally of 2-59 includes an impressive 0-47 from frees and 9 ’65s’. Cian O’Sullivan, Danny Sutcliffe, Cian Boland, and Mark Grogan have also made valuable contributions to Dublin’s scoring charts. This skilled group of players will be crucial to Dublin’s offensive strategy against Clare.

Previous Championship Meetings

Clare and Dublin have a history of engaging encounters in the championship. In their most recent clash in 2012, Clare emerged victorious in a qualifier. Their previous five championship meetings have showcased the intensity of their rivalry, with Clare triumphing on multiple occasions. Both teams will be eager to write a new chapter in their rivalry and claim victory in this quarter-final showdown.


As Clare and Dublin prepare to battle it out in the All-Ireland Hurling Championship quarter-finals, fans can expect a captivating contest between two skilled and determined teams. With their impressive performances so far and a rich history of tight encounters, this clash promises to be a spectacle for hurling enthusiasts. The outcome of this quarter-final will significantly impact the championship’s trajectory, and both teams will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory.

Starting Teams

Clare v Dublin hurling teams
Clare v Dublin hurling teams

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