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Compare and contrast essay writing on Football and Rugby

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Rugby and football are two classical games, and there is no life without them in Northern America. Millions of people are fond of these kinds of sports and know all the specialties about each of them. They think that the rules are clear and simple. However, if you are not among fans, it might be a little hard for you to understand differences and separate football and rugby from each other. So let’s make a list that will help you to deal with this question.


Both of them appeared in the XIX century and became national games very quickly. The beginning of rugby was a surprise for everyone and happened because of a violation of the football rules. After that, there were a lot of transformations, and now we have an Olympic types of sports as a result.

Technical Characteristics

The fields are different for rugby and football. It is visually obvious and logical. The field for football is more narrow compared to the rugby field. The field marking is also different according to the rules of each game.


The goal of rugby is to throw the ball to rival’s field. The goal of football is to get close to the rival’s score field as much as possible. When players do their job, it seems like the unstoppable process when speeds are so high, but remember that they follow only one main goal.


The general time of a football match is one hour. It contains four quarters, fifteen minutes each. There are two one-minute break between the first and the second quarter and the third and the last quarter. The longest break with fifteen minutes duration is between the second and the third quarter. Rugby is a game with two forty minutes times, but the game can continue longer and longer until some special action like out will not happen.


There are fifteen rugby players on the field, and there are no limits for players substitution. At the same time, there are eleven football players on the field.


Rugby is a little lighter, so the equipment of players is like all other sportsmen uniform. Comparing with football, the players seem undressed. If you are an American football player, you have massive protection for all the body. You will look like a hockey player with a huge helmet and shin-guards.


During the rugby match, players can use hands and feet to make passes to each other, and their ball is bigger and heavier than the ball for the football. Their form seems the same, but they are different in elongation. A rugby ball is more colorful, and the football ball has its special lacing. It is normal because football players don’t give passes by feet and use only hands.

The Power Tricks

A rugby player is in danger only when he is an owner of the ball. In another case, it is forbidden to use power trick. The situation in American football is opposite. Every player can be attacked by another team, so now you see why the uniform is different for the players. According to these rules, the fight might happen in every part of the field between any players.


Sure, the fans of the game can say that our list is not full, and they can add hundreds of important differences, but I believe that for a nuby who research this information the first time, it will be enough. I must say that both of the games are great and entertaining and only you can decide which one is more preferable for you.

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