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Coronavirus testing kits are costing £150 each which is mad

Irish born football chairman Darragh MacAnthony has come out against the cost of Coronavirus testing.

MacAthony who was educated in St Marys in Dublin is the Peterborough United football club chairman and has two players in isolation and thinks the cost of Coronavirus testing kits is mad.

“The two players we have in isolation were asked to ring the 111 number. They’ve been told to stay at home without being told how to get a test to determine if they have it.

“That doesn’t help our club because our players are all back in training next week because the last thing we need is a player who has it, passing it to all the players and staff. So I’ve been scrambling around as has our CEO trying to find out how we get tested. We ring our local doctor they can’t tell us that they can come in and give everyone a test at the training ground. Eventually I tell our CEO ring Chelsea, Everton, Arsenal and even Millwall who also I believe were doing testing just to get an idea of how we can do testing across the board.

“We rang our private health insurance again they could not give us the right advice. So in the end our CEO came across a private company referred to us. And I approved us spending close to £6k, the testing kits were £150 each which is mad. So those kits are going to be delivered to us on Monday. We are then going to test the players in isolation at the training ground, the staff, and then it will be 48 hours before we know if anyone has it so we can make a plan for what we do for the next few weeks while the season is on hardest.”

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