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Placing Your Bets Live – How Does It Work?

Not all that long ago, the only way sports fans could bet on a match was to place a bet before it began and wait until the end before they could find out whether they profited or not. Today, sports betting is not only growing, but it’s also enjoying a period of real evolution. One of the most successful features is betting on a sporting event in-play.


Sports isn’t the only way of enjoying live betting online, however. You can also try playing popular online casino games against real dealers. There are plenty of such games out there with various limits, and gambling sites with tables from at least two suppliers. Roulette and blackjack online betting are the most popular games. Baccarat, poker and craps are also often included in the selection. Here, we’re going to look at how live betting works. We’ll also explore tips and strategies on how you can turn this type of betting into your advantage.


What is Live Betting?


You can bet on a sporting event, such as the FIFA World Cup or the U.S. Open, from the moment it begins, right through until the very end. You can make many with the same bets you can make in traditional sports betting, including moneyline, point spread, and totals. You just need to remember that the odds and lines will change constantly based on how the event unfolds.


You’ll also find special proposition bets only available for live betting. A common prop occurs during a football match when you can bet on which player will be the next player to score. After the next goal, the market resolves and starts again.


As in-play betting lines are largely determined by human decisions (at least for now), in-play betting lines are regarded as being looser due to the fact that oddsmakers don’t have as much time to study, and so subtle mistakes are more likely. 


Calculating Odds in Live Betting


When bookmakers create new lines throughout an event, it’s known as In-Running odds, and those who do it are sometimes called traders or odds compilers. As the action during an event deals with numerous sub-events that take place at speed, it can be a challenge to calculate odds on the fly.


There are two primary figures that odds compilers need to work out:


  • The chances of the new future outcome of each event (along with other in-play outcomes like titans, props, etc.).
  • The house edge that’s needed for them to take on the risk involved in any sub-event. 


Live Betting Strategy


There are numerous strategies that can result in you making short- and long-term profits. Here are two useful tips to follow to get you thinking on the right lines. While you might choose to tread carefully with these, they could soon become a part of your regular sports betting routine.


Research the event in advance


If you put in the effort before you make your wager, you will be ready for action when the lines are released in-play. No matter what happens throughout the event, it will affect the lines. If you improve at this skill, you will find you can recognize the best odds and take advantage.


Identify factors capable of changing the dynamics of the event

If Real Madrid and Barcelona were playing, for example, and Madrid were a few goals behind, it’s likely that they will begin to play more openly and pass more. Another example would be if a team was behind by a single goal late in the game, they will advance their attacking players, which could result in more shots on goal or corners. By understand these forced changes, you can guess how lines will change and how you should bet accordingly.

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