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The English Premier League: The Top Scorers

The English Premier League, or also referred to as the Premier League, is the most popular English football league system in the whole world. This is contested and participated by 20 clubs and operates according to a system of relegation and promotion with the EFL. The gaming seasons for this run from August to May, with each participating team to play 38 matches each.

With over 28 years of gameplay, the league and the audiences have witnessed extraordinary matches in which some players even achieved their best scores. With that in mind, listed below are some of the greatest scorers in the said league of all time.

Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer is a retired footballer who was known to be the Premier League’s record scorer. In 1994 he was also named as the Football Writer’s Association Player of the Year and has even won the Player of the Year for the PFA during 1995. He was also set as an inspiration for an avatar in some sports gaming sites like w88.

During his career, Shearer has scored a total of 283 goals including the 260 goals in the Premier League and has joined a total of 422 football competitions of all levels. In total, Shearer has set a 0.667 ratio of goals-to-game throughout his entire career.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is a professional football player and the captain of Derby County. He is also a versatile player because he had played as a forward and attacking midfielder in various games in his career. Also, he is one of the best goalscorers in the Premier League with a total goal score of 208 for his entire career.

During 2009, Rooney has won the FWA Footballer of the Year and PFA Players’ Player of the Year. He even won the Player of the Month award of the Premier League five times for which a record that was only bettered by Harry Kane and Steven Gerrard.

Andy Cole

The third goalscorer in the league, Andy Cole has scored a total of 187 goals. He is a former professional football player who played as a striker from 1988 to 2008. He has the distinction to be one of the few players in England to be awarded by all possible honors like the UEFA Champions League title and the PFA Young Player of the Year award.


English Premier League was founded last 1992 after following the decisions of the clubs joining the Football League First Division; these people aim to break away from the Football League that was created last 1888 and create an advantage on the lucrative deal on the television rights. Because of this, the Premier League was broadcasted in over 212 territories within 643 million homes and has 4.7 audiences, making it the most-watched sports league all over the world. The league’s popularity has inspired today’s sports sites like w88 to spread awareness of the game and, at the same time, give more knowledge about the sport, football.

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