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Top 5 best games on your phone for football fans

Football is considered one of the most popular games among the stronger sex. Guys have been kicking the ball since childhood in the courtyard, on the school field, and later gather in companies on the “green”. With age, time for entertainment is becoming less and less, and now you only have the opportunity to watch the games on TV. Solve this problem may virtual simulators available on mobile devices. Below we look at five of the most popular football games.

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  1. FIFA 2021

One of the most famous game franchises from the Electronic Arts studio, which has received huge acclaim among football gamers. The game is ported to PCs and consoles, but the developers are not forgetting the mobile fans. The players will have a career storyline as one of the players, the possibility to play against real opponents and friends. All teams and squads are real, there are also the popular European Championships, the Champions League and more. By participating in online games, you can unlock seasonal rewards and receive gifts from the battle pass. The game is constantly updated with the latest team line-ups. Beginners are offered a training mode, where you can learn all the basics of the gameplay.

  1. Football Cup 2021

Football simulator with excellent graphics, approaching realism. There are three game modes: season, tournament and practice. Choose your favourite team and take them to the top and earn the championship trophy. In the season, you face all the teams in the league. At the end, based on the results of all the matches, decide the winner. Control the players using the display on your device. The players’ features include sprints as well as professional dribbling to get past defenders. In practice mode you can practice specific situations on the pitch: penalties, free kicks, corner kicks or just quick matches against the computer. With an authorised Google account it is possible to invite friends to friendly matches.

  1. Real Football

In this game you will not take on the role of a specific player, but the entire squad, including managers and the head coach. Your career will start from the bottom, you will have to train players, buy new players in the transfer window and sell old ones. To diversify the gameplay the developers added daily tasks and achievements. The rewards you earn can be exchanged for different bonuses in the in-game shop. The player is controlled using the virtual joystick on the display screen. Advanced team settings allow the gamer to change the player’s formation, change uniforms, make substitutions and view statistics.

  1. Score! Hero 

A single player career simulator where the user finds himself in different situations and matches that require you to perform a specific task. It can be as few assists to his partner as a few goals, or a hat trick for a limited time. There are over 800 different levels available in total, developing your character from the bottom of your career up to the peak of his popularity. Along with the difficulty of the game, the character’s characteristics increase as well. In special game events you can earn medals, bonuses and special points that can be spent in the shop by buying various improvements. The game offers good graphics, a superficial plot, and the ability to play with their friends (requires logging in via Facebook).

  1. Dream League Soccer 2021

Football simulation with an isometric camera and high-quality 3D graphics. Choose from existing teams or create your own, using over 4000 players from all over the world. There are 8 football divisions with top clubs and real life stadiums. The in-game shop has plenty of accessories to customise your team and players. If you are not interested in creating your own team, you can use any of the top clubs and play for them in the popular leagues. To strengthen your squad you will need to constantly monitor the transfer window, scout newcomers and hold training sessions with your old players.

With football simulators you will once again have the chance to live the atmosphere of noisy stadiums, play on the pitch and become a match hero by scoring the decisive goal in the Champions League final. Choose from the path of an aspiring player, a top manager or a football star. Use your wireless connection to enjoy football battles against real opponents, computer bots or friends. All you have to do is choose one of the featured games and download it to your mobile device.

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