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Using Player Rankings in Fantasy Football

Watching football has changed in recent years, especially with the increase in popularity of the official Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game.

Players you rate on the pitch may not always be considered top FPL talents. There are some qualities such as assists, goals, clean sheets, that are necessary to be considered a top-level player in the world of fantasy football. Others can get by through the accumulation of bonus points based on their performance levels but, all-in-all, you do need to ‘stand out’ on the pitch with game-changing contributions.

It’s very tough for any of us to know who the best-value FPL players are at any given moment. We all know Mohamed Salah’s name will be top of the list in terms of points but when you want to dig a little deeper and get a bit more bang for your buck, then you’ll need the assistance of some reliable FPL tips sites to help you out.

The Best FPL Player Rankings Tool

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of the best sites provided an easy-to-use FPL player rankings page to assist us with our FPL decisions? Well, they do, of course. You will see from that link what a good player rankings page can provide you with in FPL.

The information therein will range from the most basic such as each player’s club, position (according to the FPL database), and who they are up against next. Then, you will also get to delve into more detailed stats such as the current ownership level for that player (what percentage of FPL teams own that player), and whether he is in the predicted lineup for the next game (according to that same site).

After that, it gets even more interesting. You should see data that tells you the likelihood that each player wins their next game, keeps a clean sheet (relevant to goalkeepers, defenders, and midfielders), scores in that game, or provides an assist. All of these probabilities are shown in percentage form.

With these figures all totted up, the algorithm on a good FPL tips site will then give you a Player Rankings total, relative to every other player in the game.

Using FPL Player Statistics

It’s always exciting to find there are more statistics to read about all Premier League players. Generally, if you are on a good quality player rankings page, you should be able to click on each player’s name to find out more about their performance levels.

Take Mohamed Salah, for example. See his most relevant stats in FPL terms. They are all laid out before you in an easy-to-understand format. Sites like this must be user-friendly as many people can be slightly overwhelmed if they see too much data or too many numbers thrown at them.

Once you follow it, though, you’ll notice average amounts for minutes played per gameweek, goals, assists, and key passes – all per gameweek. There will be extra ‘offensive’ stats to show their attacking prowess such as total shots, and shots on goal, as well as how many penalties he has won and how often he has hit the woodwork.

In terms of passing, as well as the aforementioned key passes, there will be crosses, and crosses on target (successful crosses).

Defensive stats will show how many saves (goalkeepers only) a player makes on average per gameweek, and how many tackles.

Finally, you’ll notice the disciplinary data which tells you how many fouls they make per gameweek as well as how many yellow and red cards they get.

Choose the Right FPL Tips Sites 

You should always stick with the best football data sites that are available. Find one that works for you in terms of how it’s presented and how easily you can understand the data in front of you. Once you do know what sites you would like to use regularly, rate them over a few weeks based on how accurate their predictions are and how ‘correct’ or close to correct the data they provided was in the end.

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