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See The Latest Updates of the 2021 Belmont Stakes

Belmont Stakes would be taking the spotlight as the next big race for 2021. The next race will place in as the final leg of the US triple Thoroughbred Race, open to 16 prestigious participants, with most hailing from previous races such as the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes as champions and finishers. 


Learning from the setbacks and limitations from previous races due to the current pandemic, expect that bettors and audiences will face several limitations as the event comes closer. Nevertheless, here are some of the must-know updates for the upcoming Belmont Stakes 2021.


Another Silent Race for the Belmont?

Reaching its 150th Year Milestone. The Belmont Stakes takes another pot money of millions in dollars in bets and sales. Especially for New Yorkers in Elmont, overwhelming prizes and high-octane races await in their doorsteps. 


However, this is no ordinary race. With the pandemic’s situation, there may yet again be a silent race. Take note that the last Belmont Stakes race, a few months off before 2021, has gotten horses racing around a silent field. Despite most bettors and audiences watching the event on stream, it is still a fantastic event overall as Tiz the Law claimed the first place. 


Hope still stands for most enthusiasts and sports fans to have an everyday experience in the next Belmont Race. With all of the previous races under strict quarantine protocols since 2020, many would pray to have better viewing opportunities and interactions with everyone inside the arena.


COVID-19 Safety and Health Protocols 

Just as what happened to the previous races, health protocols and social distancing measures are expected at the Belmont Stakes arena. It is essential to note that the safety and security of the participants, organizers, audiences, and the general community is still a top priority. 


This means that access and limitations to several locations are implemented on viewing areas, food and drink stalls, and mandatory wearing of face masks for the event’s whole duration. There are no official announcements regarding the Belmont Stakes protocols, but the measures stated above are the standard requirement before commencing an event as big as this.


Additionally, it is essential to note that bettors and sports fans are encouraged to settle transactions online. Betting tickets are purchased through virtual stalls to lessen physical interaction and virus transmission.


Triple Crown Betting Returns to Normal? 

Triple Crown Betting is one of the most dramatic events during the pandemic. Under normal circumstances, the Triple Crown Race starts with the Kentucky Derby, then the Preakness, and lastly, the Belmont Stakes over a total span of 5 weeks.


However, this is not the case last 2020. The Coronavirus gave the events delays and postponements. This eventually affected the race order on which the Triple Crown Betting is based, removing the Triple Crown Betting event, affecting TV ratings, sales, and the overall experience. 


Fortunately, things may see a better light for this year. As speculations about the Triple Crown Betting return rise, it is a matter of timing until the audiences experience the high-energy betting event. 


Belmont Stakes 2021: Top Contenders 

A useful advice many veteran bettors give is knowing the top horses before making a bet. Since it will take some time before an official player’s lineup would be announced, specific experts and enthusiasts have seen some favored horses that were expected to compete. There are sure that have so far stood out in the spotlight and seen as a potential candidate to repeat the legendary Secretariat Belmont record. 


Secretariat is hailed as one of the legendary horses in the whole horse racing history for those who don’t remember. Not only he dominated all Triple Crown Races with record-breaking streaks. His performances are so high that no one can break the record for almost four decades, an impressive feat that Secretariat could perform.


Here are some contenders fighting for the great spotlight and glory: 


  1. Tiz the Law 

Tiz the Law has gotten himself several wins and record performances, especially with this recent race at the Champagne Stakes. This win gives him an advantage for the Belmont as the Champagne race occurs at the Belmont Part, the same field where the Belmont Stakes will occur.


  1. Green Light Go

A prodigy trained by James A. Jerkens. Green Light Go has shown exemplary performance in recent races, most notably in Saratoga Special. Seeing him in the Belmont Stakes lineup is no surprise to some as his excellent performance is hard not to notice. 



Brendan Walsh’s Maxfield is under question whether he would join Belmont or not. While his recent win at the Breeder’s Cup might be his ticket performance, certain people confirmed a lot of hurdles to cross-over before racing to the Belmont Field. Despite this, Maxfield is still a good contender should they decide to join the Belmont Stakes.



With so many questions left unanswered as of today. We are left to wait as the event slowly unfolds; along with the pandemic’s current implications, things are uncertain whether people can partake of the genuine experience Belmont has to offer. 


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