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Armagh v Monaghan – Preview, Live Scores and Starting Teams

Armagh vs. Monaghan: A Clash of Ulster Titans in Championship Quarter-Finals

Armagh and Monaghan, two fierce rivals from the province of Ulster, are set to face off in the quarter-finals of the championship. Their last encounter in the championship two years ago saw Monaghan emerge victorious in a high-scoring Ulster semi-final clash (4-17 to 2-21). As anticipation builds for this upcoming showdown, let’s take a closer look at how both teams reached the quarter-finals and their recent championship history.

How They Reached the Quarter-Finals:
Armagh’s Path:

1. Armagh 0-20 Antrim 1-8 (Preliminary round)
2. Armagh 1-14 Cavan 0-12 (quarter-final)
3. Armagh 4-10 Down 0-12 (semi-final)
4. Derry 1-15 Armagh 0-18 aet: Derry win 3-1 on penalties (Ulster final)
5. Armagh 1-13 Westmeath 1-12 (All-Ireland Group 2)
6. Tyrone 0-13 Armagh 0-11 (All-Ireland Group 2)
7. Armagh 0-16 Galway 1-12 (All-Ireland Group 2)

Top Scorers for Armagh:
1. Conor Turbitt: 1-21 (0-9 frees, 0-1 mark)
2. Rory Grugan: 0-18 (0-10 frees)
3. Rian O’Neill: 1-11 (0-6 frees, 0-1 ’45’)
4. Andrew Murnin: 1-9 (0-1 mark)
5. Shane McPartlan: 1-5

Monaghan’s Path:
1. Monaghan 2-17 Tyrone 1-18 (Ulster quarter-final)
2. Derry 1-21 Monaghan 2-10 (Ulster semi-final)
3. Monaghan 0-14 Derry 0-14 (All-Ireland Group 4)
4. Monaghan 1-23 Clare 1-18 (All-Ireland Group 4)
5. Donegal 0-19 Monaghan 0-17 (All-Ireland Group 4)
6. Monaghan 1-11 Kildare 0-13 (Preliminary quarter-final)

Top Scorers for Monaghan:
1. Jack McCarron: 0-19 (0-6 frees, 0-1 mark)
2. Conor McManus: 0-15 (0-13 frees)
3. Conor McCarthy: 2-9 (0-1 free)
4. Michael Bannigan: 0-11 (0-4 frees)

Recent Championship Meetings:
• 2021: Monaghan 4-17 Armagh 2-21 (Ulster semi-final)
• 2019: Armagh 2-17 Monaghan 1-12 (All-Ireland qualifiers)
• 2014: Monaghan 1-18 Armagh 0-13 (Ulster semi-final replay)
• 2014: Monaghan 0-14 Armagh 0-14 (Ulster semi-final)
• 2010: Monaghan 1-18 Armagh 0-9 (Ulster quarter-final)

Key Points:
– Armagh has played seven games in this year’s championship, winning five and losing two.
– Monaghan has played six games, winning three, drawing one, and losing one.
– Armagh has reached the quarter-finals for the 11th time

– Monaghan has reached the quarter-finals for the eighth time.
– Armagh secured a two-point victory over Monaghan in this year’s Allianz League.

Analysis and Expectations:

The upcoming clash between Armagh and Monaghan promises to be a thrilling encounter, fueled by their historical rivalry and previous championship meetings. Both teams have showcased their strength and determination throughout this year’s championship, battling their way to the quarter-finals with impressive performances.

Armagh’s top scorers, Conor Turbitt, Rory Grugan, Rian O’Neill, and Andrew Murnin, have consistently delivered on the attacking front. Their ability to find the back of the net and convert crucial frees will be essential in breaking down Monaghan’s defense.

Monaghan, on the other hand, possesses their own firepower in the form of Jack McCarron, Conor McManus, Conor McCarthy, and Michael Bannigan. These players have proven themselves as reliable scorers, capable of turning the tide in their team’s favor.

Considering their recent form and past encounters, Armagh will be eager to avenge their loss against Monaghan in the 2021 Ulster semi-final. Monaghan, on the other hand, will be determined to maintain their dominance over their rivals and continue their championship journey.

Starting teams for Armagh v Monaghan 


The Armagh versus Monaghan clash in the championship quarter-finals is set to captivate fans with its intense rivalry and potential for high-scoring drama. With both teams showcasing strong attacking units and a desire to progress further in the competition, the outcome of this match is uncertain. Fans of Gaelic football can expect an exhilarating contest as these two Ulster powerhouses battle it out on the field, leaving everything on the line for a shot at championship glory.

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