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Kerry v Tyrone – Preview, Live Scores & Starting Teams

Kerry vs. Tyrone: All-Ireland Quarter-Final Clash

In what promises to be an exhilarating encounter, Kerry and Tyrone are set to face off in the All-Ireland quarter-finals.

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This matchup marks their ninth championship meeting, with their first clash dating back to the 1986 All-Ireland final. Notably, their most recent encounter was in the 2021 All-Ireland semi-final, where Tyrone secured victory in extra time before ultimately clinching the All-Ireland title.

Journey to the Quarter-Finals

• Kerry triumphed over Tipperary with a resounding 0-25 to 0-5 victory in the Munster quarter-final.
• They continued their impressive form, overpowering Clare with a scoreline of 5-14 to 0-15 in the Munster final.
• In the All-Ireland Group 1 stage, Kerry faced Mayo and suffered a narrow 0-17 to 1-19 defeat.
• They managed to bounce back in their next Group 1 encounter against Cork, prevailing with a tight 1-14 to 0-15 win.
• Displaying their prowess, Kerry delivered a commanding performance against Louth, claiming a convincing 5-24 to 0-11 victory.

Top Scorers for Kerry:
1. David Clifford: 5-25 (0-10 frees, 2-0 penalties, 0-1 mark)
2. Sean O’Shea: 1-25 (0-10 frees, 0-3 ’45s’, 0-1 mark)
3. Tony Brosnan: 1-9 (0-1 mark)
4. Paudie Clifford: 2-5
5. Dara Moynihan: 1-5
6. Tom O’Sullivan: 0-8

• In the Ulster quarter-final, Tyrone faced Monaghan and experienced a tight battle, eventually falling short with a scoreline of 2-17 to 1-18.
• They proceeded to the All-Ireland Group 2 stage, where they faced Galway and emerged victorious with a score of 0-16 to 0-13.
• In their next Group 2 encounter against Armagh, Tyrone secured a hard-fought 0-13 to 0-11 win.
• They then faced Westmeath and ended with a level score of 0-18 apiece.
• In the preliminary quarter-final, Tyrone faced Donegal, emerging triumphant with a 1-18 to 0-13 victory.

Top Scorers for Tyrone:
• Darragh Canavan: 1-25 (0-12 frees)
• Darren McCurry: 0-23 (0-13 frees)
• Mattie Donnelly: 0-8
• Ruairi Canavan: 1-4

Recent Championship Meetings

The last five championship meetings between Kerry and Tyrone include:
• 2021: Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-22 (All-Ireland semi-final)
• 2019: Kerry 1-18 Tyrone 0-18 (All-Ireland semi-final)
• 2015: Kerry 0-18 Tyrone 1-11 (All-Ireland semi-final)
• 2012: Kerry 1-16 Tyrone 1-6 (All-Ireland qualifier)
• 2008: Tyrone 1-15 Kerry 0-14 (All-Ireland final)

Throughout these encounters, both teams have had their share of victories, with the overall record standing at four wins apiece.

Team Performances and Stats

Kerry has won four out of their five championship games this year, showcasing their consistent form. They have secured a spot in the quarter-finals for the 21st time, having never missed out since the introduction of the qualifier system in 2001 (excluding 2020 and 2021 when there were no quarter-finals). Notably, Kerry’s only quarter-final defeats occurred in 2010 against Down and in 2012 against Donegal. They hold the distinction of being the only county to have qualified for every quarter-final.

On the other hand, Tyrone enters the quarter-finals for the 16th time, having won two, drawn one, and lost two of their five games in the championship so far. Their recent victory against Kerry in the Allianz League by a three-point margin will undoubtedly boost their confidence.

Goalscoring Dynamics

Kerry’s attacking prowess was evident as they netted five goals against both Clare and Louth during this year’s championship. However, they managed to find the back of the net only once in their encounters with Tipperary, Cork, and Mayo. Tyrone, meanwhile, scored a total of two goals across their five games, indicating a focus on point-scoring proficiency.

As the stage is set for this highly anticipated clash, Kerry’s manager Jack O’Connor, who has led the team in eight previous quarter-finals, boasts an impressive track record with six wins and two losses. The defeats came against Down in 2010 and Donegal in 2012, emphasizing the need for Kerry to bring their A-game against Tyrone.

Starting Teams

Kerry v Tyrone starting teams
Kerry v Tyrone starting teams

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