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Cork v Derry – Preview, Live Scores and Starting Teams

Cork vs. Derry: Clash of the Titans in Championship Quarter-Finals

Cork and Derry, two formidable teams with a rich history in Gaelic football, are set to face each other in the championship quarter-finals. This encounter marks only the second time these teams have met in championship play, with their previous clash dating back to the 1993 All-Ireland final. On that occasion, Derry emerged victorious, claiming their first and, to this day, only All-Ireland title with a scoreline of 1-14 to 2-8. As anticipation builds for their upcoming showdown, let’s delve into how both teams reached the quarter-finals and their recent encounters.

How They Reached the Quarter-Finals:
Cork’s Journey:
1. Clare 0-14 Cork 0-13 (Munster quarter-final)
2. Cork 1-19 Louth 1-17 (All-Ireland Group 1)
3. Kerry 1-14 Cork 0-15 (All-Ireland Group 1)
4. Cork 1-14 Mayo 1-11 (All-Ireland Group 1)
5. Cork 1-14 Roscommon 0-16 (Preliminary quarter-final)

Top Scorers for Cork:
1. Steven Sherlock: 1-23 (0-11 frees, 1-0 pen, 0-2 ’45’)
2. Brian Hurley: 0-16 (0-12 frees, 0-1 mark)
3. Brian O’Driscoll: 1-3
4. Chris Og Jones: 0-5

Derry’s Path:
1. Derry 3-17 Fermanagh 2-8 (Ulster quarter-final)
2. Derry 1-21 Monaghan 2-10 (Ulster semi-final)
3. Derry 1-15 Armagh 0-18 aet (Derry win 3-1 on penalties) (Ulster final)
4. Derry 0-14 Monaghan 0-14 (All-Ireland Group 4)
5. Derry 3-14 Donegal 1-15 (All-Ireland Group 4)
6. Derry 1-20 Clare 1-13 (All-Ireland Group 4)

Top Scorers for Derry:
1. Shane McGuigan: 2-42 (0-22 frees, 1-0 pen, 0-1 mark)
2. Paul Cassidy: 1-10
3. Brendan Rogers: 1-6
4. Niall Toner: 0-7 (0-5 frees)

Recent Encounters:
The most recent competitive meeting between Cork and Derry took place in Division 2 earlier this year, resulting in a thrilling 1-14 draw in Round 7. Derry also secured a nine-point victory over Cork in the 2022 Allianz League, further adding to the intrigue surrounding this championship clash.

Analysis and Expectations:

As Cork and Derry prepare to face off in the quarter-finals, both teams enter the contest with commendable performances behind them. Cork’s top scorers, Steven Sherlock and Brian Hurley, have displayed consistent form, contributing significantly to their team’s attacking prowess. Meanwhile, Derry’s Shane McGuigan, Paul Cassidy, and Brendan Rogers have showcased their scoring abilities, making them a formidable force.

Derry’s impressive championship record since last year, winning nine out of eleven games and drawing one, highlights their determination and resilience. Cork, on the other hand, have displayed a mix of results in this year’s championship, winning three and losing two of their five games.

Starting teams

Cork v Derry starting teams
Cork v Derry starting teams


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